This man ate all Shark Tank foods

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Srimal Samaraweera

A man starts to eat all Shark Tank foods and rates them only based on their taste. Now he has over 30+ lists that change the rank each time he eats a new food.

Shane is a content creator most famous on TikTok and known as ‘ShaneToday.’ He started this challenge a couple of months before, testing The Pizza Cupcakes.

He traveled to different places to experience new foods. Then, he rated the food comparing it with the food he previously ate.

Even though the ranking changes as the series goes on, some foods stay at the top from the beginning.

A man who experiences all Shark Tank foods and rates them
A man who experiences all Shark Tank foods and rates them (Image Source- Youtube and Tick Tock)

What is the number 1 on Shane’s list? 

Tom and Chee hold first place and Pans Jerky is ranked as the least favorite one. Tom and Chee appeared on Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 02.

So, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban invested $600,000 for 30% equity. Now the company is situated in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tom & Chee grilled cheese donut, the number 1 on Shanes’ list ( Tom & Chee)

His ranking is as follows

  1. Tom and Chee
  2. Fat Shack
  3. Chi, Lantro
  4. Crispy Cones
  5. CupBop
  6. Wicked Good Cupcakes
  7. Table 87 Pizza
  8. The Yard
  9. Every Table
  10. Pizza Cupcakes
  11. Brazi Bites
  12. Honey Bunchies
  13. Cereal Killerz
  14. Daisy Cakes
  15. Unreal Deli
  16. Jacksons Chips
  17. Cousins Maine Lobster
  18. Cinnaholic
  19. Cookie Dough Cafe
  20. Like Air
  21. Slate
  22. Press Waffles Co
  23. Pan’s Jerky

Shane Today Shark Tank food tier list

After trying almost all the foods on Shark Tank he decided to make a tier list of the food products. Many got into the S-tier while few had to be ranked in the F-tier based on their taste.

So, Tom and Chee, The Yard, Cup Bop, Chi Lantro, Brazy Bites, Wicked Good Cupcakes, Crispy Cones, Fat Shack, and Every Table ranked at the S-tier.

However, Pan’s jerky, Like Air and Press Waffle Co had to go to the F-tier.

Screenshots of ShaneTodays' Shark Tank foods tier list
Screenshots of ShaneTodays’ Shark Tank foods tier list (YouTube)

Who is  ShaneToday?

Shane today was first famous as a TikToker. He has over 800,000 followers on TikTok

He is doing different challenges and testing various products. Therefore he started a series to check different products from the famous TV show Shark Tank.

With that now he’s doing a challenge to find the best food product featured on Shark Tank.

Featured image credits: YouTube and TikTok