Spin A Yarn, Fremont kitchen nightmares update – what happened next

On the Kitchen Nightmares Spin a Yarn Steakhouse episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay paid a visit to the Spin A Yarn. It has passed almost a decade since the chef’s visit, and many things have happened since then. This article will explain what happened at the visit and the update after the particular incident. 

Is Saki from Spin a Yarn still married?

Saki and Jennifer Cabunyadis, owners of Spin-A-Yarn Steakhouse, appeared on Kitchen Nightmares in 2012. However, Spin a Yarn Steakhouse owners divorced in 2014. Jennifer was accused of being a gold digger and overspending while the restaurant struggled financially.

Saki was controlling and dismissive of Jennifer’s input. Tensions surrounding their daughter, Michaela, further strained their marriage. Saki still owns Spin-A-Yarn Steakhouse, while Jennifer is now a stay-at-home mom. Their divorce was marked by financial difficulties, control issues, and family conflicts. Despite their troubled past, both Saki and Jennifer have moved on, forever impacted by their time on Kitchen Nightmares.

Who owns Spin a Yarn Steakhouse Fremont? 

The Saki and Jennifer are the owners of the Spin a Yarn steakhouse. After Spin a Yarn Steakhouse, and Kitchen Nightmares, several things changed except the ownership. 

owners of Spin a yarn steakhouse Fremont Saki and Jennifer.
owners of Spin a yarn steakhouse Fremont Saki and Jennifer.

What happened in Spin A Yarn after Gordon Ramsay’s visit? 

Jennifer Miller is the beginner of the story who joined Spin A Yarn, Fremont as a bartender. She is married to Saki, with whom Jennifer made a daughter. Saki bought it in 1995 when everyone thought it to be a childish decision. She not only risked the future of everyone in her family but thoroughly believed that the Yarn would be their future. Jennifer had to rearrange lots of features in the Yarn. 

The Saki family commenced remodeling the business, and there were lots of unnecessary expenditures going on. The income decreased gradually, and the little chats between the couple grew into a massive crisis. That was when Chef Gordon arrived at the Spin A Yarn.

Chef Gordon had made a few more suggestions that would favor the Barn, such as having a simple but impassive dish for the visitors, attracting famous personalities to the Yarn, changing the menu, and improving team effort. 

The entire crew that worked together to show something special succeeded in the end. Not only Chef Gordon’s inspirational suggestions but Saki and Jennifer worked hard to prove that the Barn was in great shape. 

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Spin a Yarn Steakhouse menu  

The shortened Spin a Yarn menu was the first suggestion made by Chef Gordon. He created a small list instead of the huge list the Barn had from the very beginning. The chef enjoyed the list and stated that it was better than the lengthy menu. 

What Gordon implied was that the expenditure is a limiting factor in the list. The more the list grows, so are the risks. That is what exactly Chef Gordon implied. 

Spin a yarn steakhouse menu  
Spin a yarn steakhouse menu  

What happened to Spin A Yarn restaurant after the kitchen nightmares episode

The restaurant has been doing improved business with the customers since the episode. Jennifer is the manager of social management. She is also the head mixologist at Spin a Yarn restaurant at present. COVID-19 was a credited period for the business as they could commit intended promotional tasks. The only thing that went backward was the marriage between Saki and Jennifer. 

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Is Spin a Yarn Steakhouse from Kitchen Nightmares still open

The business is not only open but fully operational under the new vision. Chef Gordon had provided the necessary guidance, and the duo, Jennifer and Saki, did what was demanded. The funding page is the best example which could deliver 2300 free meals for the first respondents during the COVID pandemic. 

Spin A Yarn – restaurant review 

Although the variety of available foods at the restaurant is less than it was, the taste, as well as the quality, has increased. According to Trip Advisor, update positive or negative feedback, and the Spin a yarn steakhouse reviews the place is among the best family places all over California. Not only spin a yarn steakhouse waitress who serves delicious meals, but the entire process will come in your favor. 

If the family and the budget are the main concerns for a visitor, the place will be an awesome one. The restaurant location map will help you to locate this amazing place at any time. A visit will be able to get more information from their website as well. 


Who owns Spin a Yarn Steakhouse?

Saki and Jennifer own the Spin a Yarn steakhouse. 

Where is Saki from Kitchen Nightmares?

Saki is from Freemont, California. 

Is Saki from Spin a Yarn still married?

No, Saki divorced his wife, Jennifer after the Kitchen Nightmares Spin a Yarn steakhouse episode. And currently, he is not married.

Does Saki still own Spin a yarn?

Yes, he still owns the Spin a Yarn. 

Is Spin a Yarn from Kitchen Nightmares still open?

Yes, the place is still open for visitors who need delicious food. 

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