What Is The Difference Between Technology And Innovation


There are several differences between technology and innovation. Simply one can state that technology is the tangible root of innovation. A person can be innovative to ease life. Technology can be used to make innovative solutions. But technology itself doesn’t produce innovation.

Let’s think of a practical example. Imagine the scenario of a student who has learned a new theory at college. He came home and apply what he has learned to do some regular tasks easily. Here, what the student has learned at the college is technology, and the use of the learning to ease his life is innovation. Let’s dig for more facts.

The Definition of Technology

Use of science to build new tools, products, and processes to ease human life. 

The Definition of Innovation

Transformation of an idea into reality.

Key Differences Between Technology and Innovation

Use of Theories

Scientists and tech experts introduce new technologies to the world. They apply theories to facilitate the technical needs of the world. 

Tech and innovation both have similar use of theories. However, the point of using theory is at a different stage. Techies use theories to build a whole new concept but innovators use theories on a product or process to gain easy outcomes.


Tech is the root of creating something new. It is a new exposure to the world. People use tech to be innovative. 

Innovation is the use of tech on a specific thing to add value. After an innovation user experience of a product or process gets much more comfortable. Tech is the base of innovation.

Moral Principles

Tech is the output of morals and theories.

On the other hand, innovation uses moral principles to ease a product or process that is commonly used by people. 

Application of Science

To build a tech good scientific skills are a must. The developer should be able to catch the theory, grab the core and occupy it productively.

For innovation, the use of technical, marketing, and strategic skills are a must. At the innovation stage, the use of science is almost at its best.

The Role of New Ideas

New ideas are crucial to building technology. It is the first concern. However, for innovation, the use of new ideas is at the secondary stage. First, there should be a need to innovate. Based on that the innovators do improvements to existing products and services.

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Tech may be specific for some areas. It may not has internal links. However, innovation has no limits. Innovations should have the quality of internal links. One product may be closely linked to another. So the invented product/ process should be able to link with the others which are not yet innovated. 

Population of Interest

The use of tech is limited to ones with high skills but the innovation is open to all.

To delve deeper into the distinctions between technology and innovation, you can learn more about the Center for Innovation and Education for valuable insights and resources on this topic.


Technology and innovation both are helpful to ease everyday life. Technology is the root of innovation. These two terms show differences in several cases such as the use of theories, uses, moral principles, nature, etc.

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Written by MSM Riham

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