In the present day, society technology is the key to everything that happens around us. Humans spend hundreds of years exploring different kinds of technologies. However, still find things that aren’t second to another.

Technology refers to using continuously developing scientific knowledge for practical purposes of human life and the environment. It has made globalization easier and faster day by day. But what are the primary types of technology?

There are three primary types of technologies exciting in this world. So we can put all the technologies we are using into these three categories. They are

  1. Information technologies (IT)
  2. Physical technologies (PT)
  3. Theoretical technologies (TT)

Even though these are separated they are interconnected. Also, almost all of them need each other to operate.

Theoretical Technology

All the theories and knowledge developed in various aspects come under this category. ‘Theoretical Technology is a collection of scientific research, developed formulas. And it describes the process with the skills for a certain target. So this is the core of all the other technologies.

This technology started to develop from thousands of years old hypotheses to space ships in the present. From single math solutions, we learn at primary school to higher DNA technological formulas put into this category. Hence, this defines all the other technologies often referred to as process technology.

Physical Technology

Any kind of tool or equipment made for the evolution of human society is put under this category. From Machines to Computer hardware, Materials, Energy, and infrastructure are all in Physical Technology. Not only that all the other aiding technologies are in Physical Technology. Followingly transport and environmental balance added.

Also, this technology is more touchable than the other two technologies. Also, this is a combination of both theoretical technology and information technology. So, the physical tools used to perform a particular goal are the main fundamental of this technology

Information Technology

Information Technology developed as a result of a combination of the other two technologies. Storing and transferring information from one place to another is the basic responsibility of information technology. So this includes the other mass media communication system like radio and tv. But now the term is mostly related to technology associated with computers.

So this technology turned into the controlling aspect of all the other two technologies.  This is used to create, store, process, and transfer electronic data. Then the data is adopted for networking between all kinds of other physical devices. From artificial organs to advanced space crafts, this had brought humans to their highest possibilities.

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Categorizing a term like technology with a vast scope isn’t reasonable. Hence you will come across different kinds of classifications in various sources. All in all, no matter what technology it is enhancing the human lifestyle day by day. Also, its growing step by step until it takes human society to its peak.

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