We all know who Gordon Ramsay is. One of the world’s most popular chefs is the owner of restaurants such as Hell’s Kitchen restaurant and Gordon Ramsay Burger. Pantaleone became the victim of chef Gordon Ramsay’s show Kitchen Nightmares which was aired on FOX. The place was claiming to be serving the best Pizza in Denver. Gordon pays a visit to this place in Season 6 Episode 2.

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What happened to Pantaleone’s Denver restaurant in Kitchen Nightmares?

When Gordon Ramsay was presented with the “thin crust pizza” offered by Pantaleone, He immediately changes his face to a moody one. Looking at the amount of oozing grease through the pizza slices. He concludes his meaning only to a single slice of the pizza. Later one of the workers of Pantaleone claims that it is their “thin crust”. Ramsey looks terrified and blames how thick the apparent ‘thin crust’ is.

Who owns Pantaleone’s Denver?

Later the head chef Pete (Pantalones Denver owner) blames Ramsay claiming that he has not tasted a classy Pizza before. He also claims to be working as the chef of Pantaleone’s for over 19 years.

Pantaleone's Head chef & Owner
Pete, making his famous pizza, is the owner & head chef of the restaurant.

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Gordon Ramsay’s worst pizza is a delicacy for many in Pantaleone’s Denver.

A view inside the refurbished Pantaleone's Restaurant in 2020.
A view inside the refurbished Pantaleone’s Restaurant in 2020.

What happened to Pantaleone’s Denver after the kitchen nightmares episode

After such a bizarre bad reputation by the Chef of the TV, you might think that Pete, the owner of Pantaleone’s Pizza might as well go out of business and will eventually close down.

But when it comes to the best pizza in Denver. That was not the case. Many locals find this place the best pizza-serving restaurant.

Below are some comments we found on the Facebook page & Tripadvisor.

Pantaleon's review

Is Pantaleone’s in Denver still open?

Even though Pantaleone‘s ended up being not the favorite pizza joint in Denver for the famous chef Gordon Ramsay. After Ramsay’s visit, the restaurant gained more and more customers.

It seems like Ramsay made Pete’s Pantaleone’s pizza a world-famous Pizza joint in one night.

Recently, YouTuber FAST Food Pit Stops decided to pay Pantaleone a visit to this famous Pizza joint and he caught Pete, the head chef & the owner in the middle of the process of making a delicious pizza. During their conversation, Pete claims that Gordon Ramsay was requesting the recipe for his pizza dough.

Who owns Pantaleone’s Denver?

Pete Panteleone is the owner of Pantaleone’s in Denver.

Is Pantaleone’s from kitchen nightmares still open?

Yes. After Ramsay’s visit, the Pantaleone’s gained more and more customers. Pantaleone’s restaurant is still open and doing well in 2023.

How is Pantaleone doing after the kitchen nightmare?

After the episode aired, business improved by 70% at the restaurant.

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