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When scrolling down on youtube, You might have seen this guy with a camera in his hand doing amazing vlogs about most of the countries he traveled to. He is none other than Harald Baldr. Let’s find out what we all know about this famous philanthropist vlogger.

Harald Baldr

Who is Harald Baldr?

Harald Baldr is a famous travel vlogger. He has done hundreds of travel videos up to now and all of them have got brilliant responses from the audience. Therefore, day by day his fans are growing. His content has also helped most underprivileged people around the world.

Childhood and education /Early Life Of Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr was born in 1980 in Norway. He has siblings but it is hard to find further details about this private man on the internet. Anyway, this travel bird has ended his school life in 2001.

Harald was a good wrestler and a good soccer player in his school. This explained nicely how he got this energy and stamina for most of the adventures he has done.

How old is Harald Baldr

He’s currently 41 years old.

How tall is Harald Baldr

Harald is 5’10” tall and his weight is 75kgs. Yes! A short man with a tall attitude!

Where is Harald Baldr from?

Harald is from Norway. He has the nationality of Norwegian.

Where does Harald Baldr live

As a travel bird, we can’t tell for sure where he lives. But most of the time he lives in Oslo, his hometown.

Does he have a wife or girlfriend?

According to the news, Harald is spending a single life or is very private about his relationship.

There are many rumors about his dating life but yet it has been no proven kind of relationship with him. Maybe he’s devoted to traveling all by himself!

Hobbies and other interests

He loves exercising and loves animals. He talks about the importance of conserving animals in most of his videos.

Harald Baldr career

Harald started traveling around the world as soon as he left school. This young man used his student loan to travel around back then. He’s a born traveler, isn’t he?

The tour in Perth, Australia is the turning point of Harald’s traveling life. Harald presented This journey to the audience in a nice way that nobody can quit watching it. He was spread around the internet like wildfire after this vlog.

He has traveled to half of the world including Japan, the USA, Russia China, England, Turkey, France, and India.

How many subscribers does Harald Baldr have?

Currentlyhe has 2.32M subscribers on youtube. Since he started his youtube channel in 2015 he has been able to grow his audience massively through his travel videos.

What camera does Harald Baldr use?

Harald mainly uses Sony FDR X3000 which is classed as an action cam as his primary gear.

Harald Baldr Net worth

Harald’s Balder net worth is 1 million us dollars. This is not mentioned by him but is calculated in various ways.

His primary income is via vlogging but definitely, but he should have other incomes through advertising and working as a brand ambassador for different companies.

Facts you love to know Harald Baldr

His video contents are unique and different from the other vloggers on youtube. He’s more interactive with the people he meets on the road and also with the restaurants and shops he visits.

The major good deed he does is promoting the small shops and restaurants he meets on the road. Giving good exposure to good restaurants and shops he visits also increases their customer base.

YouTuber Pays Rs 28,000 For a Rs 20 Haircut in Ahmedabad, A thousand dollar Tea at Ella, Sri Lanka, These were some headlines on local news channels when Baldr was touring. He is very famous for ‘big money rewards’ paid off while he is vlogging.

A thousand dollar Tea at Ella, Sri Lanka,

Also read: Norwegian YouTuber Pays Rs 28,000 For a Rs 20 Haircut in Ahmedabad

Social media appearance

Harald is also able to maintain his social profile with great followers. He has 203K followers on Instagram

He mainly focuses on his youtube channel more than other platforms and regularly updates it with his vlogs.

Harald Baldr website / Blog

Official Youtube Channel

Where is Harald Baldr now 2022

Harald continues traveling, and also he earns money to pay the student loan which he received when he started traveling. Harald Baldr is currently (Dec 2022) uploading vlogs from Argentina

What happened to Harald Baldr

The vlogger hasn’t posted on YouTube in a while. It may be a long time before he does. In the meantime, he is posting on his Instagram. This is his latest update. A poll between Putin and Zelensky as well as how he prefers to deal with the haters.

Political stuff aside it’s sad Harald is most likely done with travel vlogging. He & Bald were/are by far the most entertaining.

We all miss Harald but he must take time for himself hope all is well maybe sometime in the future Harald Bald and Simon will get together again.

Is Harald Baldr missing after April 2022?

There are many rumors that Harald Baldr is missing after that KYIV, Ukraine Video. Because his social media accounts have not been updated since that video.

But after 8 months, He twitted “Harald Returns, from KYIV, Ukraine. With Piotr & the beautiful dog.”

Currently, he is updating his youtube channel from south America.

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