YouTuber Pays Rs 28,000 For a Rs 20 Haircut in Ahmedabad, A thousand dollar Tea at Ella, Sri Lanka, These were some headlines on local news channels when Baldr was touring. He is very famous for ‘big money rewards’ paid off while he is vlogging. Let’s find out what we all know about this famous philanthropist vlogger.

Where is Harald Baldr From?

harald baldr

Although he claims in many of his videos that he is from Germany, He is actually from from Oslo, Norway.
One instance Harald explains why he tells that he is from Germany,as he has experienced many trouble during his exotic adventures trying to explain where Norway is – Avoid trouble Change your motherland- 🙂

When did he start traveling?

He started travelling as early as October 2001, going on a world tour and according to him, funded using his student loans which he is still paying as at August 2019. He documented his world tour in a video. The tour started from Perth, Australia to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. In the video he shows the destroyed twin tower building seen from his apartment window. Then he went to London, Oslo, Helsinki, Rome, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Phuket in Thailand.
He has documented this entire journey and then later he has uploaded that to his official youtube channel as well.

Where does Harald Baldr get the money ?

In one of his Q&A videos, he explains that his main source of income is through Youtube & Patreon. Most of his Patreon supporters fund Harald to give donations to the needy. Harald claims that all the funds he raises through Patreon are being donated.

Why Harald Baldr is different?

His videos are usually unedited. He tries to interact with the local people to offer a far better understanding of their daily lives like their daily income, how their business operates, and family. for instance, one among his famous activities is to urge a haircut from He regularly gives away cash to people. a number of the examples are a guide in Italy, a tea shop owner in Sri Lanka, a street barber in India to call a couple of.
Some of his videos are dedicated to Q&A, his travel advice or history.
He is keen to work out and a few videos include his gym sessions and reviews.
He has done tours of India and Peru with another vlogger Bald and Bankrupt.street barber shops, as he did in India, Nepal, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

Countries Harald Baldr has visited so far

Some countries he has visited multiple times such as Italy, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.
Serbia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Vietnam, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Peru.


Harald Baldr’s Official Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/HaraldBaldr

Harald Baldr’s official Instagram :


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