Travel vlogger Dale Philip’s age, bio, net worth, and interesting facts you should know

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Dale Philip is an International Youtuber, Travel Vlogger, social media celebrity, and also a Former Poker Star. He travels from country to country to explore popular tourist places and uploads Vlogs sharing his experience.

Dale Philip

Dale Philip Bio, Age, Height, and girlfriend

Dale Philip is an English Scotsman brought up in Edinburgh, Scotland. he worked in some IT firm but later on after winning $12000 profit from the international tournament, he started exploring all over Asia. 

He has been traveling to countries like UAE (Dubai), Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, etc.
Dale Philip’s tour of Colombo, Srilanka

Where is he from

Dale is from Edinburgh, Scotland. He is a British Citizen and he speaks English (Scottish Accent).

Dale Philip Age and Height

Dale has not shared his date of birth as of now, We assume his age to be at least more than 30+ years old.

His height is 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm). This was said by Dale himself in one of his vlogs (capsule hotel vlog, Sri Lanka).

Is Dale Philip dating anyone?

Yes, once he was in a relationship with a loony girlfriend that he met on his Sri Lanka trip but he broke up with her in Koh Lanta Island, Thailand.

Dale Philip income and net worth

Dale is currently most active on YouTube and Facebook (only to upload videos and read/reply comments). He is not that active on Instagram and Twitter. He earns more money from Facebook as compared to YouTube.

Dale’s net worth as of now, in 2022 expected to be more than $700K.

Sources of his earnings are product reviews, endorsements, brand promotion, and other business ventures.

As of 2022, Dale has an estimated net worth of $1.8 Million.

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Where is Dale Philip now

Dale is currently (Feb 2022) uploading vlogs from Pakistan

What happened to Dale Philp in Karachi, Pakistan? horse ride SCAM in Karachi, Pakistan

here is what happened to that scammer

“He tried to earn a living by cheating people, but now he’s living behind metal bars thanks to Karachi Police.”

said dale Philip on his Facebook post.

Facts and Social media

  • He has over 93K followers on Instagram
  • He has gained over 785K subscribers on youtube
  • Dale has amassed 490k folowers on tiktok
  • He Has over 3.7m folowers on facebook

Dale Philip’s unforgettable incident in Srilanka.

Things don’t always go to plan. I had an accident before I even made it to my hotel in Kandy. With an injured ankle, there wasn’t much I could do on this trip to Sri Lanka. Fortunately, I was taken in and looked after by a local family.

dale Philip


what is dale Phillip age?

Dale has not shared his date of birth as of now, We assume his age to be at least more than 30+ years old.

what is dale Phillip height?

dale Philip’s vlogger height is 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm). This was said by Dale himself in one of his vlogs.

how much does dale Philip make per month?

dale Philip’s income for one month USD: $665 – $10.6K.

how much is dale Philip net worth?

As of 2022, Dale has an estimated net worth of $1.8 Million.