Zuckerberg's Opinion on Apple's Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest" Who Takes the Lead?"

Zuckerberg’s Opinion on Apple’s Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest” Who Takes The Lead?

Apple recently introduced the Vision Pro mixed headset. This will be released release in early 2024 at a price of $3,500. Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t tested the device personally. However, he recognizes the Validation it brings to the category and the major impact of Apple’s entry into the market. 

Pricing and Affordability

Due to the high price, there will be a limited number of buyers. However, the entry of Apple, might increase demand and benefit competitors like the Quest 3. 

Various approaches and Design Trade-offs

Apple’s main target on high-end, high-cost devices contrasts with the more accessible and democratic approach of other companies.

 Zuckerberg mainly emphasizes communication, social interaction, and active experiences in platforms like Quest, contrasting with Apple’s focus on stationary activities.

Gaming was not a major part of Apple’s invention.  Zuckerberg finds it interesting, as mixed reality gaming is an important aspect of the technology

The Art of Design Trade-offs in terms of input methods and use case optimization differentiate the strategies of Apple and other companies. Zuckerberg mentions their excitement about the metaverse and the Kodak Avatar but notes that there is much more to explore and share in the future.

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