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Young Americans at Risk | Rising Colon Cancer Cases Leave experts shocked

future of young americans at risk

Colon cancer is caused as a result of cells in the colon or rectum growing out of control. New research reflects an alarming rise in colon cancer cases among Americans younger than 50. Experts are concerned about this sudden change. The doctors believe the main reason for this is the inactive lifestyle and increased consumption of processed food.


Serri is a  Fox News correspondent. He told “America Reports” on Friday the story hits him harder. As his younger brother Keir died at age 48 from colon cancer.

“Keir was my best friend growing up, and in 2017 he started not feeling well. Doctors spent about a month trying to find out what was wrong. Finally, they ordered a colonoscopy. And they found a large mass in his colon. They think had been growing there for about five years — It had already spread,” Serrie said.

He had great doctors. They did what they could to save him. But several months later, before the end of the year, he had passed away.”

Serrie confirmed that doctors did not suggest routine colonoscopies for people from families that didn’t have histories of colon cancer until the standardized age of 50. Keir was therefore not due for his first screening until what would have been two years after his passing.

Some doctors are already calling for it,” Serrie said. “And so [it’s] a story I’m going to be paying close attention to because I miss my brother terribly.”

Anchor John Roberts confirmed some medical experts’ requests to drop the screening age to 45, as one study reveals a 90% rise in colon cancer among people aged 20 to 34, while those 35-49 saw an increase of 28%.

About 15 to 30% of all colorectal cancers in young adults have some sort of genetic mutation. But we also have an increase in diet, dietary-associated cancers, and we’ve linked sedentary lifestyles, antibiotic use, and even some fungal infections to this rise in colon cancers,” said Saphier.

She revealed that there’s no point in screening before the age of 45. But that those younger patients could consider fecal occult blood tests that examine stool samples, to see if there is a proclivity to develop cancer.

“If you have a young patient coming in with some symptoms, colon cancer needs to be on your radar,” she said.

Saphier showed how an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise and activity can contribute to higher risk, citing an Ohio study. This case reveals that young Americans are at risk of colon cancer.

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