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Hamdog Net Worth 2024 Shark Tank Update

As of the beginning of 2024, Hamdog’s net worth is $ 2.5 million. Also, the company has approximately $ 2 million in annual revenue. On March 6, 2020, Coconut Girl Ice Cream Appeared on Shark Tank Season 11, episode 14 of Shark Tank USA and made a deal with Mark Cuban for $180,000 for 20% of equity. So, Mark Cuban has made over $ 800,000 through Coconut Girl Ice Cream for an investment of $180,000. Also, the company will still be in business in January 2024. It then sells online with retailers like Whole Foods in the USA. Let’s find out how it has reached this success over the years.

What’s a Hamdog?

Have you ever struggled between what to choose between a Hamburger and a HotDog? The same problem occurred to a man who came out of a pub in Nashville, He then decided to invent the ultimate Ham dog a combination of Hamburger and a Hotdog. The idea of combining two very individual yet similar products together was like taking biltong VS jerky and coming up with let us say a “Berky”. This idea went so viral it got featured on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show Chances are your first guess could be right. According to the founder of ‘Hamdog’,

Read what happened to Hamdog worth and net worth update in brief here.

Mark Murray ,Founder of Hamdog

What is a hamdog?

A ham dog is an Australian sandwich that consists of a formed bread bun with a chopped steak cut in 2, and a hotdog placed in between the 2 halves that are then flat-topped off with cheese, pickles, sauces, tomato, lettuce, and onion.

Who made the Hamdog?

The Hamdog was introduced in 2004 by Mark Murray, who lives in Perth, Australia. He with success applied for patents within the U.S.

Mark Murray, the inventor of Hamdog during his pitch at Shark Tank Australia
Mark Murray, the inventor of Hamdog during his pitch at Shark Tank Australia

News of the hamburger-hot dog hybrid has stretched across the world and was even the topic of an on-air rant by program host Jimmy Kimmel. The Hamdog comes in a bread created in a special mold and conjointly features lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, and a range of sauces. It’s presently being sold out for eight Australian bucks ($6).

Hamdog History

inforgraphic of Hamdog history & Mark Murray
infographic of Hamdog history & Mark Murray

Mark Murray, The inventor of Hamdog came up with the great idea of inventing Ham dog while he was at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee. Before leaving he wanted to fill his tummy. But he went into a struggle to choose between a hamburger & a hotdog to fill his taste buds. Before calling a cab he decided to get himself both. Then while he was riding back in his cab he came up with a brilliant idea to combine the hamburger with a hotdog.

He named this creation Hamdog. The very next morning he went through the idea to make it a reality. He sketched the bun. Then he struggled for almost 2 years to get his idea patented.

During an interview with SmartCompany online magazine in Australia Murry expressed his idea.

“I was in the passenger seat munching away on the burger and I decided to start on the hotdog at the same time. Shit was going everywhere,” Murray says.

“I said to my partner at the time ‘Wouldn’t it be easier if they joined these bloody things together?’ I think I then passed out, but the idea stuck with me.”

The next day Murray began sketching up the initial concept of the Hamdog bun. Over the next two years, he put together a patent application, despite being told attempting to patent the concept was “impossible”.

Murray underwent the patenting process himself in order to save money on legal fees, despite being told without help he had “more chance of winning an Olympic medal”.

“A lot of people shut up in 2009 when I was given the patent,” says Murray.

What happened to Hamdog at the shark tank?

Since then, Murray has been making an attempt to urge funding for the business, showing on the first episode of the first season of Shark Tank, wherever he admits he was “kicked around a fair bit”.

Murray offered a stake of 25% of his Hamdog business for an investment of $1, claiming he had no interest in building the business and was merely “wanting to urge obviate the concept”.

Shark Andrew Banks took Murray up on his offer, Making the initial offer doubling investment and stake to require 50% for $2. Banks liked the thought as a novelty however told Murray “there’s no business there”.

Banks tried to pitch the Hamdog within the United States market, however, hit a brick wall. “He was making an attempt to pitch a product that doesn’t exist, they couldn’t get their heads around it,” Murray says.

Aftermath of Shark Tank Deal

"Hamdog" SharkTank

Andrew Banks tried to penetrate the whopping 50 Billion $ Burger market in the US. But it hit a dead end as the US franchising stores were not ready for the Hamdog Business.

Murray then started to give it a different approach.

A franchisable, event food
The Hamdog has largely been sold at events, like sporting matches or community markets, and Murray says the hybrid is “definitely progressing to be event food”.

“When you’re out and about at those types of shows, you’re doing something completely different so the Hamdog fits right in,” he says.

“We board a fairly serious world, therefore it’s sensible to envision folks interacting with a food that’s a touch of fun.”

Murray says the Hamdog’s future rests on his ability to franchise the business; he’s giving alternative operators the potential to become an official “Hamdog Reseller” for $10,000. Since the eye to the merchandise, Murray says he has thousands of emails inquisitive about Hamdog reselling.

“Everything was rolling on nicely till the bomb was born, currently I’ve got folks from Dubai asking if they could sell them,” he says.

“The whole planet is interested that is nice, however, it’d have been nice to be a little prepared.”

Banks and Murray are currently acting on the most effective way to progress with the business, however, Murray says he’s hoping to take another shot at cracking the US market.

“Americans eat fifty billion burgers a year. If we will get I Chronicles of their market, that’s $2-3 billion in sales, and that’s an enormous variety,” he says.

Realizing the United States market wasn’t prepared for the Hamdog, Murray set his sites regionally and launched the merchandise 3 months later at Edith Cowan University in the state capital, Western Australia.

“Since then, it’s gone flight,” Murray says.

Hamdog’s next stop Canada?

After first hearing about the hamdog (and seeing it be viciously rejected) on Shark Tank, Mark Murray, a genius from Australia, finally patented the idea and just started selling them. Although they’re only available on the other side of the globe, for now, it’s only a matter of time until they reach Canada too. In the meantime, you may want to put trying the hamdog on your Australian bucket list.

“Even [Shark Tank judge] Janine Allis told me that it was impossible to patent. She’ll be eating her words now,” said Murray.

Just goes to show that you can accomplish anything if you try hard enough. Next goal? Bring the hamdog to Canada!

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How much is the Hamdog net worth in 2022?

According to CNBC reports,
Mark Murray Hamdog’s net worth is approximately $2.5 billion a year in annual sales if his product was to pick up just 1% of the market here in the U.S.

His patent’s estimated worth is supposed $100,000 million. but CNBC notes it’s not clear if that estimate is realistic or not.

update [2022]: Hamdog’s net worth so far

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What is a Hamdog?

Simply it is a hybrid of a Hamburger and a Hotdog. It has an elongated bun (hotdog) with a hamburger in the middle.

Who owns the Hamdog?

Mark Murray, who lives in Perth, Australia created the “Hamdog,” a hamburger with a hot dog running through it, in 2004.

What happened to the Hamdog on Shark Tank?

Mark Murray, the founder of the hamdog company decided to sell 50% of its company’s share for just 2$ to the sharks in Shark Tank Australia. Shark Andrew Banks took Murray up on his offer, doubling both the investment and stake to take 50% for $2. Banks liked the concept as a novelty but told Murray “there’s no business there”.

How much is the Hamdog net worth now?

If his product were to pick up just 1% of the market here in the U.S., CNBC reports that he could bring in about $2.5 billion a year in annual sales.

how much did the hamdog patent sell for?

His patent’s estimated worth is supposed $100,000 million, but CNBC notes it’s not clear if that estimate is realistic or not

how much did hamdog sell for?

It’s presently being sold out for eight Australian bucks ($8).

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