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Is slugburger made out of actual slugs? Here are 5 questions answered about slugburger

The infamous slugburger from Mississippi has evoke many curious geeky mind by it’s name. It’s the first thought of many to think that this burger is made out of actual slimy creatures, slugs! Lets find out!

in this article you will find answers to most of the rational yet typical questions that you may have around the famous ‘slugburger’.

Does Slugburger contain slugs?

No! Don’t worry need to feel disgusted. The slugburger does not contain any slugs. It is made out of beef or pork with an meat extender such as potatoes or soy.

What is in a Slugburger?

Since the slugburger has no slugs, It only contains ground meat such as pork or beef and a meat extender such as soy or potatoes and in some beans in it’s patty.

Why is it called a slugburger?

The term ‘slugburger‘ was coined in Mississippi based on a local slang. The term Slug means metal disk the size of a nickel that would usually work in vending machines

What does slugburger taste like?

Since the burger patty of a slugburger contains ground meat and potatoes or soy combination. You will be able to taste a meaty yet chewy taste with essence or soy or potato combined.

How much would a slugburger cost?

Slugburgers cost less than a usual burger ranging from 50 cents to 5 USD.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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