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Aura Bora shark tank update – What happened to Aura Bora after Shark Tank

Fans of Shark Tank know that companies in the food and beverage industries rarely obtain deals. This is a highly competitive market, and many Sharks would rather avoid it than a battle for shelf space with existing competitors. 

However, now and again, fantastic food or beverage products emerge, and the Sharks can’t help but jump at the chance to be a part of it. That was certainly the case when Aura Bora debuted in season 12 of the show. 

Aura Bora was ready to change things in the seltzer sector, pitching itself as a unique sparkling water brand produced from herbs, fruits, and flowers. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on with Aura Bora since its Shark Tank appearance. This is all about the Aura Bora Shark Tank deal. As of 2022, the company’s net worth was $20 million; in 2023, its net worth is not disclosed.

Who owns Aura Bora?- Founders

Paul Voge is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Auro Bora company. His wife, Maddie Voge, is the other co-founder of the company. From baseball card auctioneering to a friendly neighborhood Christmas tree lot, Paul launched enterprises since he was a kid. 

After graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles, Paul joined Saturn Five, a venture capital firm that launches, builds, and grows businesses. Thereafter he founded the Auro Bora business with his wife. Paul and his wife Maddie currently live in San Francisco, USA.

What is Aura Bora’s drink?

Paul and Maddie mentioned that their drink was produced using a tasty combination of herbs, fruits, and plants. It comes with flavors like lavender cucumber, cactus rose, and peppermint watermelon.

Aura Bora comes with flavors like lavender cucumber, cactus rose, and peppermint watermelon.

After tasting Aura Bora, the Sharks agreed that it was fantastic. 

When Paul and Maddie Voge, a husband and wife entrepreneur duo, appeared on the show to pitch Aura Bora, they were ready to give the Sharks an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. They’d done their research, and their business had already begun to acquire traction. 

Did Aura Bora get a deal on Shark Tank?

When it comes to entering the Shark Tank, a good pitch is required regardless of how fantastic a product is. On a show like Shark Tank, the pair asked for $150,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in the company, which is a big deal.

That was the Auro Bora Shark Tank deal that Paul and Maddie requested from sharks. It’s unusual for the Sharks to make a transaction with so little stock. Robert Herjavec weighed in on their request, offering them $200,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in the company. Despite their reluctance to give up so much equity, they enthusiastically accepted his offer. 

With all of Robert’s experience, there’s no doubt that he could add a lot of value to the company. If you missed watching the Aurora Bora Shark Tank episode, you could browse it on YouTube.

Auro Bora Shark tank pitch recap

What happened to Auro Bora after Shark Tank

Shark Tank’s presence had changed the path of Auro Bora. The show’s popularity also boosted sales. The product has grown since working with Robert. Shark Tank Stories says Aura Bora is in 1,200 stores worldwide. Sprouts, 7-11, Amazon, and in some Whole Foods locations. 

The brand has a growth on social media platforms as well. Aura Bora’s Instagram account has more than 18,000 followers and is growing. The company gained investors after Shark Tank and reportedly raised $2 million. According to a press release, Aura Bora will utilize the funding to expand its personnel, brand, and direct-to-consumer channel. 

Scott Eastwood, Marley Williams, SKU, and Balanced Breakfast are notable investors. Paul Voge added, 

“With the support, guidance, and ideas from our outstanding team of investors, we look forward to expanding Aura Bora and the sparkling water category as a whole. We’ll keep rejecting traditional flavors and artificial substances, favoring wild, plant-based combinations.”

Paul Voge after shark tank

Competitors of Auro Bora

Auro Bora is a unique product. But, there are many alternative products to Auro Bora. It means Auro Bora has many competitors to compete with. Hint Water, ReadyRefresh, Spindrift, Liquid death, and Sanzo are only a few examples of competitors of Auro Bora.

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Aura Bora Net Worth in 2023

As mentioned above, Paul Voge’s business succeeded after the presence of Shark Tank. It has raised $3 million since its start in January 2020 from investors like Scott Eastwood and Thrive Market CEO Nick Green. The Auro Bora company was valued at around 20 million US dollars 2022, but its 2023 net worth is not disclosed.


Is Aura Bora still in business?

Yes. after the shark tank appearance  Aura Bora doing well. Aura Bora gained investors after Shark Tank and reportedly raised $2 million. 

where to buy aura bora?

Aura Bora is in 1,200 stores worldwide. Sprouts, 7-11, Amazon, and in some Whole Foods locations.

Aura Bora Net Worth in 2023

Auro Bora has raised $3 million since its start in January 2020 from investors. The company is currently net worth is not disclosed.

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