Lido di Manhattan’S Kitchen Nightmares update – After Gordon Ramsay’s visit (OPEN OR CLOSED IN 2022)


Lido di Manhattan was a  Manhattan restaurant featured on season 3 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Lido di Manhattan was episode 5 of season 3.

Restaurant name Lido di Manhattan
Owner  Lisa Hemmat
Waiters/StaffDamien, Bruna, Priscila, Arturo Martinez and Scott Leibfried
Chef: Luis Martinez
Original Episode Air DateMarch 4, 2010
Lido di Manhattan’s Address1550 Rosecrans Ave Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Is Lido di Manhattan’s still open? (2022)Open 

Is Lido di Manhattan in Manhattan still open? 

With good customer reviews and feedback, the restaurant is still open as of 2022. It proves that the airing of the episode had a positive impact on the restaurant.

Restaurant location map :