Cafe 36 was an Illinois restaurant featured on season 2 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Cafe 36 was a 22 Calendar Ave La Grange, Illinois 60525 restaurant featured on season 2 of Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay visited Cafe 36 in 2022 and the episode aired on January 15, 2009. As of 2024, Cafe 36 in Illinois is closed. Since the episode aired in 2009, many people have been wondering whether Cafe 36 is still open or closed. Nearly fifteen years after Gordon Ramsay’s visit, Cafe 36 is closed as of 2024.

  • The restaurant closed in April 2009, just a few months after the episode aired.
  • Gilmers attributed the restaurant’s closing to a faltering economy. Furthermore, even though they got along well with Gordon Ramsay, they appeared to think that his modifications were a factor in the restaurant’s demise. Whether it was Chef Ramsay’s tough love or the impact of the bad economy, someone has abandoned Cafe 36, and it is now nothing more than a forsaken fantasy.

Cafe 36 was episode 12 of season 2.

Restaurant name Cafe 36
Owner  Terry Gilmer, Carol gilmer
WaitersBarney, Brian Doug, Eduardo
Chef: Pinto Das
Original Episode Air DateJanuary 15, 2009
Cafe 36’s Address22 Calendar Ave La Grange, Illinois 60525
Is Cafe 36’s still open? (2024)Closed

Kitchen Nightmares S2E12 Café

Cafe 36 update 2024 – Where are they now?

After his visit, Ramsay noted that the restaurant couldn’t compete in the current restaurant business due to its outdated nature, uneven food, and prolonged service.Gordon’s crew worked through the night to transform the space into a brand-new, black-and-white theme. They installed new chandeliers and reupholstered the booths. Everything became brand new, even the matching plates. Additionally, Gordon revised their menu of traditional recipes, emphasizing seasonal ingredients. They expected Pinto to cook from the new menu and gave him one last chance to make a difference.

Over time, the business faced a few challenges, such as Terry not delegating and doing all of the small tasks even when staff were around to do them. There were problems with the kitchen staff, sanitation, food quality and wait times. The restaurant was struggling to bring in customers and the owners have never paid themselves a wage from the business.

Throughout time, the company achieved a few more things. He began teaching the staff how to make a fresh mushroom risotto. The next modification involved transitioning from using trolleys to a manual, hand-operated serving process. Instead, the team served a salad made with fresh goat cheese from the carts and prepared it at the table. Additionally, Gordon’s team worked all night to change the decor of the room to a fresh black-and-white aesthetic. They reupholstered the booths and installed new chandeliers.

But maybe because the state of the economy and Gordon’s modifications to the restaurant held him accountable, Chef Ramsay did not return to Cafe 36 following his first visit

April 2009 saw the closure of Cafe 36. Although this was just a few months after the TV programme, Gordon Ramsay’s visit took place more than a year ago. That so, it’s regrettable that the eatery was unable to remain open for a longer period of time. In 2023, a new eatery named Empanadus took over the space once occupied by Cafe 36 La Grange, Illinois. With a four-star rating on its Yelp website, the new restaurant appears to be getting positive reviews.

In 2023, a new restaurant called Empanadus replaced Cafe 36 in La Grange, Illinois.

What Happened To The Cafe 36’S Owners, Terry And Carol Gilmer?

A lot of people are wondering what happened to Terry and Carol Gilmer, who were the cafe 36 owners that you saw on the episode. As far as, they’ve both retired and are enjoying spending time with their grandchildren. However, they don’t have much of an online presence so there is not much details about them.

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