Parks Edge kitchen nightmares update – after Gordon Ramsay’s visit 

Parks Edge kitchen nightmares update - after Gordon Ramsay's visit 

In this episode, chef Gordon Ramsay paid his visit to Park’s Edge in Imman Park, Georgia. Although the parks edge restaurant was a new one back in 2021 when the episode aired, it has been a decade since then. Gordon inspected the restaurant and provided his contribution to improving its quality. This article will reveal the updates that have taken place at the Park’s Edge in Imman Park within a decade. 

Parks Edge restaurant 

Park’s Edge was a restaurant located in Atlanta, Georgia. It became a topic as it appeared in season 5 of Kitchen Nightmares. Parks Edge restaurant was not in great shape when Gordon visited it. The locals had started to refuse the restaurant due to various reasons. The experience and the expertise knowledge were two disparate aspects the restaurant had needed. It means Gordon’s vest made an impact on the restaurant for sure. 

owners of park edge restaurant 

When Gordon paid his visit to the restaurant, Richard and Jorge were those who ran the place. Parks Edge owner had been running the restaurant for three years by that time. Both were friends, and they had met at an airfreight company. The friends did not have enough knowledge to run a restaurant. Therefore, the outcome of running a restaurant for three years was to reach the end of running a restaurant. 

owners of park edge restaurant  Richard and Jorge
owners of park edge restaurant Richard and Jorge

What happened in Parks Edge restaurant after Gordon Ramsay’s visit   

Two friends had lost business due to the lack of commitment made by the friends. They blamed the local community for ruining their business. Since already there had been sealing procedures due to low-quality foods, that had affected the restaurant. Gordon had already identified that there was a lack of experience and poor handling of internal factors as well as some external factors. 

Park’s Edge Kitchen Nightmares  full episode recap

The removal of the emptied dishes was taken away by Kevin, who introduced him to be Kevin, The Bartender. Gordon could see that the bartender was working as the Kitchen Nightmares Park’s Edge waitress as well. As the Park Edge Kitchen Nightmares’ chief guest, Gordon could find several more confusing or weak showcases made by the restaurant, such as grilling of lettuce, chicken with too much of spices on it, and eh cleanliness of the premises. Gordon addressed all those issues and guided the owners to find the right path.

Parks Edge restaurant menu    

Gordon expected the lunch from the restaurant, and what he got was Mexican, Asian, and Indian dishes from the Parks Edge menu. The grilled caesar salad which was served to Gordon was a grilled one. Since it was confusing to Gordon, he asked for a chicken. That had come up with too many spices as well. Oysters were their next choice of Gordon, and he could not be happy with them too. The overall result was made by these foods and what the feedback consisted of were negatives all over the foods. 

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What happened to Parks Edge restaurant after the kitchen nightmares episode 

Soon after the episode aired, the Parks Edge grabbed the attention of the locals as well as visitors. Jorge had introduced a new menu, and Richard worked actively on the restaurant tasks. 

Is Parks Edge from Kitchen Nightmares still open?

No, The Parks Edge is a closed business. Although things ran smoothly soon after the relaunch, things changed when the restaurant ran out of its lease. They stopped their social media activities in 2013, and that was when they were online in business too. Although the owners, Richards and Jorge, went looking for a new place to open, they never came up with such one. However, they had given a try back in 2020 along with a new Parks Edge website which expired in 2021. It means they have not been able to succeed once again

Parks Edge – restaurant review

Lots of Parks Edge reviews went in favor of the restaurant regarding food. When it comes to service, they were mostly negative as it was not satisfactory. Although the owners had made extra efforts to overcome this scenario, they had failed in the end. That is what is mentioned in the Yelp reviews as well. Among 236 reviews, it has got a 3 Star rating. According to the restaurant location map, the same feedback can be observed. 


Where are Parks Edge Kitchen Nightmares?

It is located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Is Parks Edge from Kitchen Nightmares still open?

No, the restaurant is not open now as the owners decided o close it in 2013. 

What happened to Park’s Edge restaurant?

The owners shut the restaurant due to various reasons. 

Why did parks edge close?

Since customers refused the service, as well as hospitality, given by the restaurant, it had to be closed. Not following the health regulations raised by the authorities is such a reason. But, the food was in good condition. 


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