What was the first colored tv show

Developments and so many experiments were done in the last century. However, the USA community tried its best in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Eventually, USA Community invented the colored television on 12th January 1950 to the whole world. The dream came true. The first commercial color tv show is named “Premiere”. It aired at 4.35p.m on Monday, 25th June 1951. It was entitled “Premiere”.

In the early 1950s

Developing the color television was the dream of the whole USA community. Passing the black and white television era, CBS introduced color television for the very first time. They demonstrated its field sequential color system. Eight television sets use for the demonstration. They did it in Walker Building, Washington, USA. Faye Emerson did the demonstration for Columbia Broadcasting System.

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

Premiere, the first colored television program was broadcasted by the Columbia Broadcasting System. The program was a variety show which aired as a special presentation. 

New York City was the production location. Columbia Broadcasting System practiced the field sequential method as their initial step to broadcast the “Premiere”. Then it was approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the first color television. They provided the broadcasting standard for the United States on 11th October 1950. After the Premiere show, Columbia Broadcasting System planned to broadcast 20 hours of color a week by autumn.

A Visit to CBS Color Television – 1954!

Premiere first color tv show

It’s been nearly 72 years since the first commercial color broadcast took place. The world’s first color show aired only for an hour. Washington is the main station. New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore are the main network stations that used to broadcast the show. Initially, Arthur Godfrey, Ed Sullivan, Robert Alda, Faye Emerson, and William S. Paley were the first participants. Thousands of people in the 5 cities gathered in their nearest auditoriums and hotels to watch the very first color tv show with their naked eyes. But the CBS color system is incompatible only with existing black and white television sets. So, people gathered in those specific places.


However, Rehearsals of the first color show started on 21st June and continued up to the broadcast. CBS Executive Producer Fred Ricky did the directing duties. and CBS Director Frances Buss supported him. While Fred directed the entertainment, Frances handles the commercials. The studio was very hot. They provide the required intense light into it. So, the temperature was around 50 degrees Celsius. Fans had been removed as they were too noisy.

The Scheduled program

Patty Painter started the World’s first color tv show. She is a professional modeler. Later, she was famous as “Miss CBS color”. Her presentations are very attractive. Then, she introduced Arthur Godfrey to the host of the first half-hour. He presented several commercial products. Also, he sang “On top of Old Smoky”. Then CBS Board members addressed the timing of the FCC’s decision. Next Faye Emerson presented several paintings. Garry More showcased several commercial products. Finally, the show wrapped up in an hour. Archie Bleyer and his orchestra had provided the music. The historical tv show ends full of expectations. It was a dream which came true. The next 72 years were full of colors.

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