How to pitch a reality tv show

In Modern-day, the reality tv show is a young form of entertainment. There is a wide range of reality tv shows. It is generally called “unscripted programming.” When you trying to identify how to pitch a reality show, it is important to recognize the reality tv genres and types of shows. Here we are trying to provide an idea about how to pitch a reality tv show.

Unscripted Television

There are different types of television series that fall under the reality tv bucket. They are widely different from each other and cover a huge range. Unscripted Television has many faces. Such as the voice, Hack my life, Basketball wives, Master chef, Deadly recall, The Bachelor, The First 48, and many more. However, you need the time to understand unscripted television basics.

Different Networks chose to buy different kinds of shows

TV networks are always different from each other. How to pitch a reality tv show changes with each network you focus on. It depends on each network’s attitudes, background, and audience that they are going to target. Sometimes, one tv show could work for a lifetime.

Often Pitch reality shows

Here are some often pitched tv shows that producers are still excited to work with. Such as Kid’s shows, golf shows, cooking shows, fitness shows, art and craft shows, and much more. If you turn on the TV major networks are airing shows from the list above. It means these are tv shows that are mostly pitched by the people in reality tv history.

What is the best way of pitching a reality tv show?

Initially, you have to watch a lot of TV shows. That means you have to do some homework before starting to pitch shows. It is very important to have an idea about the market and what kind of shows you pitch. However, a reality show should be unique up to a certain level. But, too unique may a clear reason your show isn’t on TV. Maybe a tv show consisting of 100 episodes will not select by any network. That is not enough for the general public to justify putting it on a TV network.

Often those reality shows are far too niche for the common audience. It is not saying that there is no audience for those kinds of shows. It means they just don’t belong on television. At present, some shows like cooking shows are out of fashion on tv networks. They have moved on to social media like YouTube where it often does well.

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5 words you should know before pitching a reality tv show


These shows are self-contained and simply have a close end. All are separate episodes. Each has a beginning and end. You can play episodes in any order. These kinds of reality shows are easy for networks to replay at any time.


Arced means continuous storyline from one episode to the next. You have to watch these shows from beginning to end. Therefore, TV networks have to spend a huge amount on marketing to keep the audience continuously with them. So, arced shows are tough to sell, especially for smaller networks.


In a formatted show, repeatable elements can be seen. It can recognize by the audience.


There are no repeatable moments. But they may consist of recurring events such as dinners, parties, etc.


It is also called a “hidden format.” It consists of a soft format element. And that element returns in every episode of the show.

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