Contents created to broadcast on television consider as tv-shows. They often pre-record and have a scheduled screen timetable. But many of them are now available in screening services at any time access. We can take Tv shows like variety shows, and Tv drama series as examples.

Some of them produce inside a television studio while others record outside locations. Not only that the production team also can be varied from the tv production group. So some companies use licensed production companies.

Because they create using different methods, they have unique characteristics. Hence time-consuming to develop the program can be varied depending on different facts. Not only above mention factors method of developing a Tv show can be different from one country to another.

Is it hard to make a tv show?

Before developing a tv show the developer should consider about few aspects. Hence deciding on a valid appropriate and attractive concept is important first. Then the creator should be skillful to decide on the characters that can convey his concept. After he can find the crew and the cast suitable according to his show.

The above-mentioned applies to all types of creators around the world. But the steps after are different from one country to another.

For example, the production team has to submit a pilot episode to the media network after pitching in the USA. But in the UK there is a method called team writing.

So multiple different people are joining in creating a script and production process. However, the executive producer is in charge of creating content and taking decisions in many other countries. So, the production company and broadcaster company can be two different companies.

How do you develop a tv show?

After the script or the concept is accepted pre-production is beginning. Pre-production is also important. Budgeting and Storyboarding are important tasks on the list. While building sets and creating props, and costumes. Also maintaining resources like lighting and camera effects is on the list. Not only that considering guest stars and stunts are also important.

All the series and scenes are further shortened into shots before the Principal photography. Scenes are sometimes shot according to the order and sometimes it has to change according to the cast schedule. So, following the shot draft is the best method.

After the Principal photography is completed the videos are sent to the video editing team. Adding Visual and digital video effects and dubbing process is happening in this step. The final show creates after editing cutting and assembling happened.

Then the broadcaster received the final product they started to advertise the program. But sometimes the company advertises and schedules the broadcast timetable before the whole production is complete. It depends on the production team and the broadcaster’s opinions.

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How long does it take to develop a tv show?

After considering all the above factors giving the exact period for developing a tv show is inaccurate. Because every program is different from one to another we can’t give an exact general period. But some production companies are deciding the time while budgeting. So the production team has to adjust the shooting schedule according to the given time. Then the cast timetable will change according to the new schedule.

Because of that some of them shoot several shots at the same time in different locations. Not only that sometimes they have to put tight timetables on the cast. However exact period consuming depends on all the above mention processes. So giving the exact duration is not reliable.

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