Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has an American origin. It is a different kind of superhero tv series that has cast in the mid-1990s. The “Zordon” is the prime fictional character of the show. A team of rangers works under the guidance of Zordon to fight against evil to save the world. There are many other similar tv series to this script. Here are the majors among them.

1.Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad (SSSS)

This tv show was developed by a toy item manufacturer to rival the popularity of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It has a Japanese origin. However, due to the great popularity of the MMPR, Superhero Samurai Syber Squad failed to deliver the desired outcomes.

The script of SSSS written around the boy called “Sam”. Sam link to a computer and he and his team of samurai team fight against the monsters call “Big-Viruses”. The show is highly similar to the MMPR and had nothing to enjoy more. It has only lasted for a single season.

2. Photon

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Photon have the same origin. Both are tv series based on the Japanese script of “Super Sentai”. However, Photon has aired years before the MMPR, but the ratings were not as desired. Chris is the main character of the show. He was to be an intergalactic warrior.

He had skills in the video game called “Photon”. As per the script, Chris’s skills were noticed by a computer called MOM, and it has teamed up with Chris with the other Photon warriors to save planets across the galaxy from evil aliens. However, the script was not enough to bring ratings to the show. Due to its poor production values and SFX quality the show hasn’t continued for long.

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3. VR Troopers

The show has been a moderate success. It has survived over a single season and featured its characters in video games and toys. VR Troopers also had a Japanese origin. However, critics have questioned the quality of the show in terms of the re-use of telecasted Japanese episodes. Drastically the ratings got down and it was a huge blow to the show. Hence the show has been canceled by the producers. However, VR Troopers had a good script. Both Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and VR Troopers have the same producer, Saban Entertainment. 


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is one of the greatest hits among the kids during the 1990s. Due to its popularity, several other shows have premiered but the desired rating was not there to continue the programs. Among similar shows, the only successful one was the VR Troopers but it also had to face the issue of re-use. Hence Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is an unrivaled tv show that has won a great fanbase across the globe.

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