Time traveling is a famous subject of entertainment from books. Later, It was a common theme in the film industry. But in recent years tv shows with time travel features had a great attraction among the young generation. Here we will discuss the best time-traveling TV shows around the world.

1. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

It is a superhero tv show which began broadcast in 2016. Still, it is broadcasting with a huge fan base. It is a show that crosses over with shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl several times now. Though it is a superhero series, you can enjoy this as an old-time travel show.

Superheroes are the main characters of this show. In the show, they are traveling through time in their time machine. Legends of tomorrow is a funny tv show. It uses entertainment frequently to define the time travel series. You can watch Legends of tomorrow on Prime Video, Apple TV, and Netflix.

2. Outlander


Outlander is an amazing TV show that mixes time travel with historical events. The show starts in the 1940s. Claire Randall acts as the main role of the series. Accidentally, she goes back in time to 1743. The show flows between the 18th and 20th centuries. Claire Randall wants to survive the 18th century. She does it by joining a group of treble Highlanders. Then she gets married to one of the Highlanders, Jamie Fraser. But eventually, she falls in love with her new husband.

There are 5 seasons of Outlander that are currently released. We can see Clair move back and forth between 20th and 18th centuries. She has two families and faces two pregnancies in both centuries. But finally, Claire comes back to her Jamie. Season six is coming soon. Until you can watch this on Prime Video, Apple TV, Starz, and Netflix.

3. The time traveler’s wife

The time traveler’s wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife is airing now on HBO in the United States. This series leans more towards the romance, and drama genre. There is a touch of science fiction too. It is originally released on 15th May 2022 and still going on.

The plot of this series follows a love story. The story builds around the relationship between Clare and Henry. Eventually, they married and it was complicated by Henry’s time travel disorder. Steven Moffat is the creator of this love story. The talented David Nutter is the director. Out of six, four episodes have been already played, and still, two are to come. Episodes five and six will air on 12th June and 19th June 2022. Stay counting until 12th June for the fifth episode. It will be so exciting for everyone.

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4. Loki


Loki premiered on 9th June 2021. It is a top-rated American television series. Michael Waldron is the head writer of Loki. Its first season consists of six episodes. Atlanta is the production location in Georgia. It is a tv series based on Marvel Comic. Also, Loki is the third television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Hiddleston acts as Loki. “For all time always” is the last episode of season 1. It received so many positive reviews in the last few months. Loki is still alive. It is gearing up to return with a well-organized second season. But the upcoming season has no release date yet. Stay tuned to Disney TV for any updates.

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