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Top Bizarre Drinking Laws from Across the World

We all know that different countries have different laws. Some of these laws make sense, while others are downright confusing. When it comes to alcohol, there are many rules and regulations in place across the globe.

Sometimes, these laws make it easy to get your hands on a drink, while in others, it’s next to impossible. Let’s review some of these laws and explore the UK first, followed by the rest of the world. 

Unique UK Laws Concerning Alcohol

Don’t get drunk in a pub 

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t drink to excess, but did you know that it’s actually against the law to get drunk in a pub in England? Section 12 of the Licensing Act of 1872 stipulates that it’s illegal for any person to be “drunk on licensed premises,” as mentioned by EM Law

So why is getting drunk in a pub such a no-no? Well, it’s partly because of the history of pubs in England. In the past, pubs were often rowdy places where fights would break out and property would be damaged. As a result, many pub owners now prefer to keep things more low-key. 

You cannot be drunk while managing cattle

If you find yourself drunk in charge of cattle in the United Kingdom, then you could be in for a hefty fine. According to Section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872, it is illegal to be “drunk while in charge on any highway or other public place of any carriage, horse, cattle or steam engine”.

The law was introduced as a way to crack down to prevent accidents. It’s also worth noting that the same applies to sheep, goats, and pigs.

Unique Laws Abroad Concerning Alcohol

If you love a good drink, then you’d better brace yourself with the knowledge of these laws from abroad concerning alcohol consumption. 

Never drink with married women in Bolivia

If you’re planning on hitting the bars while in Bolivia, there’s one rule you’ll need to remember – never drink with married women. According to Bolivian law, it’s illegal for single men to drink alcohol in the company of married women for more than one glass of wine.

It’s generally believed to stem from the belief that alcohol can lead to promiscuity. As such, it’s considered disrespectful to drink in the company of married women.

You can’t buy alcohol on Good Friday in Ireland

If you’re in Ireland over the Easter weekend, you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to stock up on alcohol. Good Friday is a public holiday in Ireland, and as such, all pubs and off-licenses are closed for business.

The law dates back to almost a century ago when the sale of alcohol was prohibited on Good Friday in an effort to discourage public drunkenness. However, the law was later amended to allow bars and restaurants to serve alcohol on Good Friday, as long as it’s for consumption on the premises.

Prepare a breathalyzer test before drinking in France

Before you even take your first sip of alcohol in France, you could be asked to take a breathalyzer test. In 2012, the French government introduced a nationwide law that requires all motorists to carry a breathalyzer test in their cars.

The aim of the law is to crack down on drink-driving, and it’s something that the police take very seriously. Nevertheless, as of late 2020, that breathalyser law no longer applies

Curtains must be drawn while drinking in Utah

In the state of Utah in the United States, there is a law that stipulates that all bars and restaurants must have a “curtain” drawn while serving alcohol. The aim of the law is to prevent people from loitering outside of establishments that serve alcohol.

Don’t give moose alcohol in Alaska

In the state of Alaska in the United States, it is illegal to give alcohol to a moose. 

So why is giving alcohol to a moose such a big deal? Well, moose are large animals, and they can become aggressive when they’re drunk. As a result, it’s best to just leave them be.


So there you have it, the laws mentioned above are some of the most unique laws concerning alcohol consumption across both the UK and the rest of the world. Remember, if you’re planning on drinking alcohol, always do so responsibly and don’t get yourselves into any trouble.

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Written by MSM Riham

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