What is Geek My Tree?

Geek My Tree, founded by Brad Buyink of Grand Haven, Michigan, creates Christmas tree and its lights into a stunning lighting show. Geek My Tree app can be used to control, program, and synchronize the lights, given an animated quality. 

They are intended for Christmas trees between 6 and 8 feet in height. Geek My Tree consists of a ring that is the ideal size for the top of the tree and straight strands that may be looped around the tree. These lights are also referred to as the most innovative Christmas lights globally. 

The product does not contain any low-priced lights, cables, or hardware because the materials utilized to make it are of the highest possible quality. In the year 2015, an episode of Shark Tank included the presentation of the product by the founder of Geek My Tree.

The founder of Geek My Tree

Geek My Tree was initially established by Brad Boyink. The city of Grand Haven in Michigan is his hometown. It was common knowledge that Brad’s home was the most hip on the street. 

In 2006, he put on a synchronized light show in front of his home and uploaded a video of it to YouTube, where it was greeted with a lot of encouragement from viewers. He got the inspiration to launch his own business selling Christmas lights and decorations. After that, he got to work on it and came up with the idea of animated glow balls. It is The Geek My Tree.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Brad Boyink participated in a Holiday special episode on Shark Tank in 2015. On stage, Brad presented this product for $225,000 for a 25% stake. During his

product pitch, he stated that he intends to revolutionize Christmas tree lights by incorporating an animated outdoor lighting display that was exciting and entertaining. 

Mark and Kevin O’Leary were unhappy about the price of the lights. They wondered why customers would pay such a high price for Christmas lights when LED lights are currently available at a considerably lower price. Other sharks, Barbara and Robert, believe that the lights are too expensive and no one will invest in them. Therefore they decline to move forward with the sale.

Kevin, likewise astonished by the price, still provides him $225,000 for a 50% share stake. Kevin states that he will only move forward with the agreement if he receives 50 percent equity, despite Brad’s efforts to haggle for 40 percent. They conclude the deal.

Geek My Tree Shark Tank update

After its appearance on Shark Tank, the company made significant headway. They introduced Geek My Window and intended to introduce Geek My Tree 2.0 in 2018. However, their products are not available to be purchased at this time. Even though both Geek My Tree’s website and their social media handles were brought up to date in 2020, there is still no link to purchase the lights. Therefore, the corporation is no longer in operation.

The company has achieved a great deal of success throughout its existence. In addition to that, they presented Geek My Window and stated that they intended to introduce Geek My Window 2.0. However, there is no new information accessible at this time regarding their valuation or revenue.

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Is Geek my tree still in business?

Unfortunately, Geek, My Tree is out of business right now. But, they had only a few competitors to compete with. However, now their competitors play on the market while gaining Geek My Tree’s market share. Novelty lights company was one of the business competitors. But, Novelty lights are a cheap LED light provider for Christmas trees. Another competitor was bulbhead. They have a wide range of lights to light up Christmas trees. Finally, there was, or there is, no one providing a product the same as Geek My Tree.

Geek my tree net worth in 2023

As mentioned above, Geek My Tree is out of business now. They had stooped business operations in 2018. But, they have updated their websites and social media in 2020. However, there is no update for their business after 2020, and even there is no link to purchase their products. 


Is Geek My Tree out of business?

Unfortunately, Geek, My Tree is out of business right now. 

Who owns geek my tree?

Geek My Tree was initially established by Brad Boyink. The city of Grand Haven in Michigan is his hometown.

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