El Greco kitchen nightmares update - after Gordon Ramsay's visit.

When watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, you cannot help but feel sorry for the unfortunate individuals who dined at the business before its renovation. 

With the unrefrigerated meat, large cockroach colony, using microwave foods instead of fresh dishes, and nearly forced servitude of the owner’s young cousin in the kitchen, you thought I’ll never dine out again. But by the time Chef Ramsay rides off them into the sunrise, harmony has been restored to the cosmos, and the formerly nightmare kitchen is on the verge of unbounded success. 

Here’s another story like that. Let’s go through the El Greco restaurant Kitchen Nightmare story.

El Greco restaurant

Gordon Ramsay discovered a business torn apart by a Greek family tragedy when he visited El Greco, an authentic Greek restaurant in Austin, Texas, in 2011. 

Athina was the proprietor of the restaurant. Her son Jake was the exclusive chef. Athina’s sister Kiki was also a family member in the restaurant business. The restaurant was crowded for the first six months, and the customers gave excellent reviews. Still, the relationship between Jake and Athina began to deteriorate, and business suffered as a result. 

Owner Athina and her sister Kiki frequently clashed with the executive chef, Athina’s son Jake. Jake was spending less and less time in the restaurant to avoid the nagging, and Athina, who wasn’t afraid to be theatrical, said she hoped she was dead.

Who is the owner of El Greco restaurant?

The owner of El Greco restaurant was Athina. She is a Greek American who started a Greek restaurant in the United States. She started the El Greco restaurant business with her sister Kiki and her son Jake. As mentioned above, Athina’s son Jake was the executive chef of this family business restaurant.

owner of El Greco restaurant Athina
owner of El Greco restaurant Athina

What happened in El Greco restaurant after Gordon Ramsay’s visit?

At El Greco, Gordon meets Athina and Jake. Athina gets to work at 6 a.m., whereas Jake arrives 30 minutes early for lunch. An Athina flies on the table and is quickly caught by her rapid reflexes. However, the joke is over when she does it in front of her clients.

Athina informs Gordon that Jake’s yawning is the source of the issue. She’d sooner die than have a child-like Jake today, sacrificing herself and her child. Gordon confides in Anthony about Jake because he thinks the mother-son link has been broken. According to Anthony, the only time Athina and Jake fight is when Jake is around. 

This surprises Gordon, who believes that Jake spends most of his time playing video games.

El Greco restaurant Kitchen Nightmares  full episode recap

Gordon could get some idea about the loss of that family business. And then he moved to taste El Greco’s food. He ordered some foods one by one from the El Greco restaurant menu. He realized that there are so many problems with the taste and quality of their foods. 

All foods they served to Gordon were less in grade, less in flavor, and non-fresh and microwaved foods. So, Gordon decided to make El Greco great again.  

Chef Ramsay confesses to the two owners that the meal was substandard and inauthentic. Jake’s lack of engagement bothers Gordon, so he talks to Athina alone and shares his fear that Jake has lost his enthusiasm for the restaurant. Gordon witnesses Diego, a 14-year-old line cook, continually placing plates in the microwave as the burners go unused, sparking a loud dispute between Jake and Gordon, where Jake defends his microwave usage for every dish.

Chef Ramsay got everyone into the cooking process by throwing out the microwave. The workforce enjoys the sampling of Chef Ramsay and Jake’s new menu. The dining room gets a modern Greek makeover. The relaunch was successful despite Jake’s failure to delegate work in the kitchen, and the owners broke plates to symbolize breaking old habits and beginning over.

“It’s Not Possible For A Restaurant To Be So Bad” | Kitchen Nightmares

El Greco restaurant menu

El Greco restaurant menu, which Ramsay tried

Chef Ramsay places an order for stuffed zucchini, lamb shank, and moussaka from the El Greco restaurant menu to taste the dishes offered at El Greco. The lamb shank was disappointing; he could tell that dish had been microwaved. 

The moussaka would not separate itself from the plate and resembled dog food. Chef Ramsay explains that the stuffed zucchini had a sinister appearance and discloses that the flavor was dull and nasty.

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What happened to the El Greco restaurant after the Kitchen Nightmares episode?

The community seemed to respond well in the months, but the debt was too much for the owners to overcome, and the staff’s commitment to Gordon’s new menu began to waver. 

While many customers appreciated Gordon’s adjustments, some regulars enjoyed the old El Greco’s food and decorations. That means the restaurant has earned a spot on the list of Kitchen Nightmares episodes that have been completed. 

Is El Greco from kitchen nightmares still open? 

Unfortunately, El Greco closed its doors for good in December of 2011. 

Why did El Greco close?

It’s difficult to say for sure, but the restaurant’s debt load put it in a precarious position even with Gordon’s support. 

No one knows about the status of Jake Konstantinidis now because he doesn’t have much of a social media presence.

El Greco restaurant reviews

To get a clear idea about restaurants, We can go through TripAdvisor reviews and Yelp reviews. So, they have both positive and negative comments in balance. Most of their negative feedback was before the visit of chef Ramsay. And most of the positive reviews had been posted after the visit to Ramsay. 

Most of the customers were impressed with the first impression of the restaurant. But, most of them argue about the expensive price range and serving sizes of restaurants. However, overall feedback shows that Jake Konstantinidis’ restaurant had succeeded after chef Ramsay’s visit. According to the restaurant location map, the same feedback can be observed. 


Where was El Greco Kitchen Nightmares?

The restaurant was located in Austin, Texas, United States.

What happened to the owners of El Greco’s?

There is no clear information about the owner Athina, her sister Kiki and Executive Chef Jake after the close of business. 

What video game was Jake playing in Kitchen Nightmares?

It is not clear to identify the video game played by Jake during the visit of Ramsy. 

Is El Greco from Kitchen Nightmares still open?

No. The original restaurant located in Austin was closed. They are out of business. 

What happened to El Grec’s restaurant chef Jake Konstantinidis?

Jake Konstantinidis, the co-owner and executive chef of the restaurant, has sold the property, and the restaurant is closed. There is no update about his current life because he is not an active person on social media.

Why did El Greco close?

The owners of el Greco mention no apparent reasons for the restaurant’s closure. However, they had sold their property. 

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