Thin Crust Pizza’| Pantaleone’s Kitchen Nightmares | What happened after?

Pantaleone’s Pizza, Denver, was among the best restaurants in the world, according to its owners, Pete and Paulette. Although that is how the owners pretend in a reality show, Pee and his wife had proof to do that. They had gone downwards in the rankings when Kitchen Nightmares found them. Not only did Chef Gordon give instructions, but the owners seemed to be listening to him during the episode. It has passed quite some time, and let’s see what has happened. 

Pantaleone’s | Italian Restaurant  

Pete opened the Restaurant in 1985, and he thought of delivering the Italian Pizza taste to Denver, Colorado. Pete thought about the Restaurant as the precious thing he possessed, and he did lots of hard work. His efforts and the ultimate attempts to find the delicious pizza tastes were in newspapers simultaneously.

The Pantaleone had become a name people could not ignore. Pete had been caught into a time loop where he had not made changes. Although it had passed almost a couple of decades, Pantaleone’s pizza menu and the Restaurant’s look had not changed. 

Who is the owner of Pantaleone’s?  

Pete and his wife Paulette are the Pantaleone’s Denver owners. Pete inherited the Pizza stuff from birth as he is from Greece. His wife Paulette is from Poland. They both have children, and the second generation is currently in handling. Pete is the restaurant chef responsible for trying and enjoying new food products. But, he has missed those matters. When Chef Gordon decided to visit the Restaurant, it was not in a good position with sales. 

Pete owner of Pantaleone
Pete owner of Pantaleone

What happened in Pantaleone’s | Italian Restaurant after Gordon Ramsay’s visit  

Pantaleone’s Denver Kitchen Nightmares were a crucial point for the Restaurant. Although the Restaurant had gotten several positive reviews and awards in the past as a local business, it was not as shiny as the old days when Gordon visited the place. Gordon had several challenges to win, such as changing attitudes of Pete, making suggestions with the available resources, and bringing people again to the Restaurant.

Pantaleone’s | Italian Restaurant Kitchen Nightmares  full episode recap

In the Kitchen Nightmare episode, Gordon got to the Restaurant and met Paulette, Pete, and their son Josh. Gordon knew that Pete had the potential after seeing the best Pizza award in 1985. Gordon found several disadvantages with the business, such as not opening the shop on Sundays and Mondays. Pete is closed on those days as he wants to watch football matches. Not having a delivery service was among other mistakes Gordon noticed.

Josh, son of Pete, looks frustrated, and Pete is not ready to step down as the main chef in the Restaurant. After checking the dish, Gordon made suggestions as there was grease and oil in the food. But Pete was not ready to accept any of them. After showing the feedback from people comparing Pete’s Pizza and another Pizza from another shop, Pete was surprised to see that his Pizza was an outdated product.

Gordon took Josh and Pete to Rao’s, a pizza in Vegas, to show them how to run a business place longer. Indeed, Rao’s, a pizza, has been running for over 100 years. Finally, Pete agreed to make the changes that Gordon wanted.

‘Thin Crust Pizza’ Actually Has Massive Crusts – Kitchen Nightmares episode

Pantaleone’s | Italian Restaurant menu     

Pete’s Calzone, Sausage Pizza, Meatball hero, and Linguini with Clams are Pantaleone’s Denver menu given to customers. Pantaleone’s Denver waitress served this food to Ramsay for his idea. Ramsay wanted to change the size of these three pizzas, and his intention was to save money. The chef said that the Linguini looked like a hospital food dish. The reduction of water in that food is a suggestion chef made to food.

Pantaleone's  Italian Restaurant menu 
Pantaleone’s Italian Restaurant menu 

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What happened to Pantaleone | Italian Restaurant after the kitchen nightmares episode  

Pete took a local press meeting and said that he had wanted to stand up from a struggling business to a re-modeled business. Although there was not much of an increase as the Kitchen Nightmare had not aired, sales increased by 70% after airing.

Also, after the Kitchen Nightmares Denver pizza episode, customers were positive about the business as the owner made some vital changes. Pete painted the walls bringing a modern look to the Restaurant after the episode aired. Pete was open on Mondays but yet decided to keep the Restaurant closed on Sundays. They started a delivery service in 2017 and are doing their business but not in the best shape they had. 

Is Pantaleone’s in Denver still open?

Yes, Pantaleone’s in Denver best pizza place still open. They deliver food as well. The Pantaleone’s address is 2120 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80222, United States.

Pantaleone’s in Denver restaurant review. 

According to the Trip advisor update and Pantaleone’s reviews, the owner has accepted the theory, change with time, and survival will be ensured. The reviews have spread in a range of positive and negative reviews. Since Pete doesn’t like to stick to the latest food dishes, the younger generation has started to refuse his food. However, among 57 reviews, the Restaurant has got 4.7 stars ratings.  

restaurant location map :


Who is the owner of Pantaleone’s?

Pete, Paulette, and Josh are the owners of the Pantaleone’s at present. 

What happened to Pantaleon’s Kitchen Nightmares?

Ramsay suggested Pete make changes with Food, Place, and Attitudes to get success. 

Is Pantaleone’s in Denver still open?

Yes, the place is still open. 

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