Tenikle Net Worth 2023 Update – What happened to the multi-use tripod gadget after the shark tank

Shark Tank is the place where startups become legends. Here’s another story that belongs to the Shark Tank breed startup, which has become an enormous business. 

Giving what customers need instead of producing what you can do is a great company. Tenikle shows a story like that. Let’s learn about the Tenikle’s path from their start to the present.

Tenikle Net Worth in 2023

Tenikle is currently estimated to be worth approximately $1.3 million as of 2023. Someone may think that Tenikle’s sales might drop during the pandemic because of travel restrictions. But, the Tenikle holder is not only a tool needed for travelers. 

During the outbreak, many individuals began to pursue their creative interests, and the number of content creators kept increasing. This indicates that more individuals are becoming aware of the necessity for a sturdy and adaptable tripod to assist them in securing their device for the perfect shot. Consequently, demand for Tenikle products continues to increase, which bodes well for the company‘s future prosperity.

What is Tenikle? And how did it become a product?

Hans Dose has always considered himself creative and dreamed of turning his thoughts into reality. The idea had to be cool enough to implement. 

Then one day, Hans was trekking with his now-wife, Lydia, and forgot his tripod to take a photo of the two lovebirds. He hesitantly positioned his iPhone on a tree trunk to take a picture, but it slipped onto the rocks below.

With the broken screen and all, he mounted his phone to navigate home. Why couldn’t he utilize his large, ugly automobile mount as a tripod? 

Then he thought of merging all tech essentials into one device. Octopuses’ lives in the sea inspired him to invent a tentacle-shaped product to solve these problems. Hans finally had something that performed well after several prototypes and painstaking failed attempts at building the perfect all-in-one product.

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Who is the inventor of Tenikle?

Hens are the inventor of that all-in-one tripod product. And his wife Lydia can be mentioned as the co-founder of that product. As mentioned above, it was invented by Hens as a solution to a problem he faced while traveling with his wife, Lydia.

So, now that the primary  Tenikle phone holder, camera holder, and all-in-one mount have been evaluated to the Tenikle 360 with more functions to deliver the best quality and usability.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Hans appeared on Shark Tank wearing swim fins and an inflatable octopus to demonstrate his concept of an all-in-one tripod phone mount. Their deal request was $200,000 in exchange for a 10 percent stake. 

The initial offer from Daymond John was $200,000 for 33.3% equity. Hans countered this offer with $200,000 for 25 percent stock, which Daymond rejected before settling on the ultimate equity arrangement of 30 percent.

Robert Herjavec proposed a different proposal. 

Robert offered to wipe off Hans’ $270,000 debt and provide an additional $100,000 in exchange for 60 percent stock in a transaction that was a bit more unconventional. None of the remaining Sharks made an offer.

Finally, Hens negotiated a contract with Daymond John for $200,000 in exchange for a thirty percent stake in the company. While the company received the requested funding on Shark Tank, the founders had to give up 20% more equity than anticipated.

Tenikle shark tank episode recap

Tenikle Shark Tank updates

After Shark Tank, the tripod company skyrocketed. It proves that a business needs a little luck with a mix of skills to do something great. Tenikle’s stock was entirely Sold out before the completion of the episode’s broadcast. In addition, as a direct result of their presence on the show “Shark Tank,” their tripod quickly rose to the top spot on Amazon’s list of best-selling products.

What happened to the Tenikle after the Shark Tank?

Since then, the Tenikle tripod has made some improvements to its tripod by introducing the Tenikle 360, which features a fourth arm that can be attached to the device. The other fourth arm with the Tenikle 360 can be spun through a full 360 degrees, providing unrivaled versatility and security.

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Competitors of Tenikle

When talking about the general situation, competitors of Tenikle are who made customizable tripods. However, there is no best matching alternative for the product because they own the patent for the product. But there are many Alternatives to Tenikle as general and primary tripods, holders, and mounts. So, the company is a legend in the market. 


How to use Tenikle?

It can be used as a phone holder, camera holder, or tablet holder on any surface such as glass, green, soil, rock, and even skin. 

How much does Tenkile cost?

The latest version of the Tenikle tripod is Tenikle 360. It starts at 35.00 USD. There is a Bluetooth shutter remote for the Tenikle, which costs 14.00 USD.

Where to buy tenikle?

You can purchase Tenikle holders by directly visiting the Tenikle.com website. And You can buy it on leading online platforms such as Amazon. 

Did Tenikle get a shark tank deal?

Yes! They got the deal from Daymond John for $200,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the company.

Does Tenkile have a patent?

Yes, they have. The patient number is US9182077 B2.

What is the net worth of Hans Dose? 

When he faced the Sharks, he owned only 39$. But he was able to secure 200,000$ deal. 

Tenikle net worth in 2022 

They are estimated to make 1.3 million dollars worth of sales in 2022. 

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