Augmented reality products are those that use digital information to enhance the user’s experience.

It is changing the way we interact with technology. It’s opening up new opportunities for industries to explore and create innovative solutions.  Also, That changes the way we do business, teach, music apps.

Imagine yourselves as musicians. Almost all musicians today use a computer as part of their music-making and synthesized sound essentially allows you to create any sound you can imagine.

You love the expressive freedom that comes from this. But you’re also frustrated because the interfaces that you have to play this sound like a keyboard or a guitar, don’t give you access to the real expressive potential of these sounds.

Read what happened to AUUG’s worth and net worth update in brief here.

This is why Joshua invented AUUG.

What Happened To The AUUG After The Shark Tank?

After appearing Australian Shark Tank in 2017, AUUG Motion Synth faced a mixed journey. While the sharks recognized its potential, they opted not to invest. Nonetheless, AUUG Motion Synth persisted, gaining notable recognition.

It was featured in an Apple advertisement that same year and became a finalist in the esteemed That Startup Show in 2018. The app’s fortunes took a turn when it was acquired by Yousician, a prominent music education company, in 2018.

However, the current status of the AUUG Motion Synth remains uncertain. But it is plausible that Yousician continues to develop and market the app, there is also a possibility that it has been discontinued.

Because AUGG didn’t stop at Shark Tank. They had a successful fundraising program with Kickstarter. 313 Kickstarter backers pledged $75,585 to help bring AUUG to life.

Auug motion synth, Here is what happened to Auug, After Shark Tank

What Is AUUG?

The Motion Synth by AUUG is a hardware/software combination that allows users to make music simply by maneuvering their iPhones through the air.

AUUG creates human-computer interfaces for music.

Also, It can work completely wirelessly on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can use motion to change octaves, and expressive parameters. Use motion to transfer between instruments with AUUG. You will be able to use motion to trigger the notes you want.

The Motion Synth Grip takes care of holding your iPhone so your fingers can focus on playing notes

 The Technology Of AUUG’s Mobile App And Who Is Joshua Young

Augmented reality technology is a way to enhance what you see in the real world by adding digital content. Also, it Can be used for the film or music industry.

The Motion Synth is exactly using this technology to help musicians to create heavenly music with ease.

Joshua Young is the founder of this amazing product. He has a BSc degree in Neuroscience and biochemistry.

‘I take a human-centric approach to designing hardware and software interfaces that make optimal use of the expressive potential of the human body.’

Joshua Young at shark tank pitch
here is a quick recap about AUUG after shark tank.

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What Happened To Joshua Young Offer In Shark Tank?

“Music is the universal language that everyone can understand.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music and life are both inextricably intertwined and the Sharks proved it when Joshua presented the Motion Synth to them.

Joshua was seeking 50K AUD for a 5% stake at Shark Tank to make his AR product a reality.

After some of the Sharks experienced what AUUG really is, Andrew and Naomi offered 100K AUD for a 20% stake. The business valuation was at 1 million AUD.

How much is AUUG motion Synth net worth in 2023

After that, AUUG got featured on TEDx, Kickstarter, the Startup Show, and many more.
it’s expected that AUUG is worth around $2.6 million.

Also, AUUG has a USA Patent. (patent no 10055017)

AUUG’s Motion Synth is available to download for Apple mobile users for now. The app is compatible with iPhone 4S and above.

Also, The app is playable with many IOS music apps like Garageband, Animoog, Magellan Jr, Ivoxel, and more.

You can also send notes and CC MIDI messages from the Motion Synth to Ableton over WiFi or via a MIDI cable adaptor.

The Motion Synth also has some sounds of its own that can be controlled via motion and touch.

After all, You can read more about the technical side of the app by visiting the website here.

“AUUG” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

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