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The Future of Cycling |Invention of Wheelless Bicycle Takes the Internet by Storm

New Era of Cycling | Epic Cycling Reinvented with a Wheelless Bike

Engineer Sergii Gordieiev of The Q has invented a wheelless bicycle as a creative and imaginative engineering project. By utilizing custom-made excavator-like wheels, the bike provides a smooth ride.

Great Design

The Q’s bicycle has specially designed wheels similar to that of excavator tracks. Even though this design lacks traditional round wheels, these amazing wheels allow a comfortable riding experience.

Modified Frame

The common bicycle frame has been created to provide non-standard wheels. A strong metal frame, rolling bearings, and spinning gears were added for stability and functionality.

Track System

The bicycle uses bike chains, spinning gears, and a rubber track made from cut-up pieces of the original bike tire. This track, bolted to the chains, allows for smooth movement.

Non-Circular Wheel Concepts

While creative wheel designs are not entirely new, Q’s wheelless bicycle brings a new perspective. Past experiments, like the Mythbusters’ square-wheeled truck, display the challenges of non-circular wheels.


The Q’s wheelless bicycle is an example of the joy of engineering and innovation. Although not a practical solution, this experiment displays the creativity and possibilities that can emerge from unconventional designs.

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