An inverter battery is the backbone of a home inverter system, and therefore, it is important that you choose the best inverter battery out of all the options available. However, buying an inverter battery can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. In a scenario like this we suggest that you research a little bit before you go ahead with your purchase. To help, in this post, we have listed a few questions that you should ask yourself before you begin your search for the best inverter battery in India.

1. What is the right battery capacity that I should opt for?

The answer to this question depends on your required power consumption during a power cut. This in turn would depend on the frequency and duration of power cuts. For example, if you live in an area that experiences long power cuts you will have to go for an inverter battery with a high battery capacity.

Let us try and understand how power consumption is calculated.

Let’s say you need 8 LED lights (7 watts each), 3 Tube Lights (40 watts each), 3 Fans (70 Watts each), 1 LED TV (70 Watts) and 1 Refrigerator (140 Watts) at the time of a power cut.

Your Total Power Consumption (in Watts) = (8*7)+(3*40)+(3*70)+(1*70)+(1*140)

=  56+120+210+70+140

=  596 Watts

Here’s the formula for calculating Battery Capacity

Battery capacity = (power requirements*backup-time*aging factor)/ (battery voltage*battery efficiency*inverter efficiency)


Aging factor=1.25

Battery efficiency=0.8

Inverter efficiency=0.8

For lead acid battery, battery voltage = 12 V

Let’s say required backup = 2 hrs

Battery Capacity=(596*2*1.25) / (12*0.8*0.8)= 194 Ah

Note – A battery’s performance degrades with usage, and therefore, you should buy a battery with a 5-10% higher capacity. So in this case, a battery capacity of 200 Ah would be apt.

If you go with a reputable brand like Luminous you will find batteries with the below mentioned battery capacities.

  • Below 150 Ah
  • 150-180 Ah
  • Above 180 Ah

2. What are the different battery technologies and which one’s right for me?

There are three main types of battery – Tubular Batteries, Flat Plate Batteries and Gel Batteries.

Tubular batteries are a type of lead-acid battery and they are suitable for areas that experience long power cuts. Tubular batteries can further be categorized into short and tall tubular batteries. If you need a tubular battery with a higher capacity you should opt for a tall tubular battery. Otherwise, go for a short tubular battery. The best thing about tubular batteries is that they come with longer warranty periods as they have a high life expectancy.  Also, tubular batteries are easy to maintain and require fewer water top-ups.

Flat plate batteries are also a type of lead acid battery. A typical flat plate battery is made of two flat plates – a positive plate and a negative plate. These batteries are more economical as compared to tubular batteries and they take up less space, too. And while they get charged very quickly, they don’t have a very high battery capacity (like the tubular batteries). Therefore, you should buy one only if you live in a place where there aren’t too many power cuts. Note – Flat plate batteries have a shorter life expectancy as compared to tubular batteries.

Gel batteries offer a more consistent backup as compared to flat and tubular batteries. And the best part is that they do not require any maintenance. No wonder they are far more expensive, too. Also, gel batteries provide more power backup cycles. People prefer them, despite their high costs, because gel batteries provide the same power throughout their life. The performance of lead acid batteries, on the other hand, deteriorates with time. Also, gel batteries are environment friendly as they emit minimal harmful gases.

3. Should I buy a battery with a 36 months warranty or more?

The warranty of your battery has no relation to your battery’s performance. The only reason you need to consider this factor is because the warranty of your battery has a direct correlation with the cost of your battery. Higher the warranty, more expensive the battery. Similarly, a battery with a lower warranty warranty period is far more economical. Note – Always go for a reputable brand like Luminous that provides excellent after sales service.

Your search for the best battery in India ends here.

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