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The Future of Biking – Triangle-Wheeled Bicycle Invention Taking the Internet by Storm


Over 150 years, the initial design with round wheels has not changed in pedal-powered bicycles. Regardless of the development in performance and materials, the design of a bicycle with two round wheels has remained highly successful. However certain inventors wish to expand the bicycle further. One such example is the invention of square-wheeled bicycles and Triangle-Wheeled bicycles.

The creation of the square-wheeled bicycle design proved to be successful. The designers created a square-wheeled bike to utilize different rolling methods.

The Engineer Sergii Gordieiev of The Q, decided to take on a new challenge and decided to invent a bike with a triangular-wheeled bicycle. Gordieieve uses guide rails for the movement of the wheels in a straight line. He made sure all the parts are embedded to make the ride comfortable. 

He succeeded in creating a triangular-wheeled bicycle. Unlike the square-wheeled bicycle, these triangular wheels can roll smoothly, just like round wheels. This idea may initially seem impossible or even uncomfortable to ride, but they managed to make it work.

By including small curves on each side of the triangular wheels and designing articulated arms with limitations that enable vertical movement, riders can experience smooth and comfortable rides without challenging up-and-down motions.

Even though there might be a slight increase in forward speed. when the triangular wheels transition from their pointed apex to their flat sides, overall, it seems like a practical and rideable design. Moreover, it is likely to handle uneven terrain quite well. This creation can be identified as an important event in human technology. 

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