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World’s First AI Sleep Headphones!

World's First AI Sleep Headphones!

Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most essential things in our daily lives. But most of us struggle when going to sleep or keeping the rest uninterrupted. The World’s first AI sleep headphones are here to save us from all the trouble in sleeping!If you are looking for Amazon discount vouchers for your next sleep gadget purchase, check Latest Deals.

Philips hardware and Kokoon AI sleep technology invented this mind-blowing device to ensure a peaceful sleep. Let’s dive in to learn more about this incredible technology.

World’s First AI Sleep Headphones!

The device is far different from your regular headphones. The headphones create an optimal sleep environment with remarkable quality and comfort. The device plays soothing music, audiobooks, and other sound effects to help users fall asleep quickly.

The app in the device also includes an AI sleep coach to optimize the sleeping schedule. The AI Sleep headphones are the world’s first device to use artificial intelligence in creating a peaceful sleep experience.

Unique Features

Adjustable audio sounds are one of the unique features of this device. Once the user falls asleep, the device automatically fades the music. The slow fading of the background music helps the user to transition peacefully into a deep sleep. The headphones include biometric sensors that help detect when the user is asleep.

Another incredible feature is the design of the device. The device is designed to ensure that the user is entirely comfortable. The slim and sleek device allows the AI sleep headphones to fit right in. An earbud usually measures up to a thickness of 5.4mm and is lightweight. The device stays charged for up to 10 hours, and the design ensures that sleep is not interrupted.

Your sleep is unique, as is your path to better sleep. Kokoon uses innovative sleep-monitoring Technology via a superior sensor placement in the ear to enhance your sleep, night after night,Dr. Simon Merritt, Chief Medical Officer of Kokoon Technology

The earbuds can generate high-quality sound and cancel surrounding noises that disrupt sleep. The device identifies and matches the user’s sleeping patterns. An accelerometer and an optical heart rate monitor further monitor this sleep. Through the app, the user can keep track of their sleep patterns and improve their rest.


Philips is a global name that has recognition in Technology for many years. Kokoon is a company that specializes in building ultimate comfort in sleeping. They have developed a few sleep solutions over the years. Kokoon has a team of sleep scientists and conducts extensive research to bring the best sleep technology.


World’s first AI sleep headphones are here to save us from all the troubled sleeping. The device uses fascinating Technology to ensure the users get a restful and undisturbed sleep. Phillips and Kokoon companies came together to introduce remarkable Technology. The wearable device has some unique features and gives a personalized sleep experience.

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