World’s First Smart Device To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair!

World's First Smart Device To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair!

Hair loss is a concerning issue among many people. Even hair regrowth has still not given a promising solution. Niostem is a startup company that uses regenerative technology and science to tackle both these issues. This wearable technology is the World’s first smart device to stop hair loss and regrow hair! Let’s dive in to know more about this incredible device.

The technology focuses on reactivating miniaturized hair follicles with Bioelectrical stimulation.   Bioelectrical stimulation slowly reactivates the hair stem cells. Then the reactivated hair stem cells trigger growth in hair follicles. Supposedly, this wearable smart device has no side effects and gives six times more growth than other drugs. 

The founder Dr. Chacón says that it’s best to use the device for 30 minutes each day. The device is wirefree and hassle-free. The users are easily able to integrate the device into their daily life without any inconvenience. 

Some studies in the 90s address the benefits of low-level electrical stimulations in growing hair. The prevention of hair loss and hair regrowth using this device is non-invasive and drug-free. Also, Niostem hair regrowth eliminates the use of any hormone manipulations.  

The pilot study of the device has given some promising results. Hair loss and hair regrowth of the participants has given 100% results after six months. Also, after six months the increase in hair density stood at an average of 19.3%. The ‘trichoscopy‘ is a high-resolution imaging that helps in measuring the results.

Dr. Chacón-Martínez, the Niostem inventor and co-founder, has expertise in regenerative medicine. His innovation is the result of his extensive research. Ghent University, Dresden University of Technology, and Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing are some of the leading Universities where Dr. Chacón did his research. 


Niostem is a startup company that has introduced the world’s first smart device to stop hair loss and regrow hair. This incredible technology is a game changer in the hair industry. This device uses regenerative technology and science to bring incredible results. The founder, Dr. Chacón of this amazing device is a research expert in medicine. 

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