A Real-Life Driveable BMW Transformer
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A Real-Life Driveable BMW Transformer| From Screen to Reality

Transformers Robots are no longer fiction!! Many of us have fantasized about seeing and interacting with giant battle robots. But Cars that convert just like transformer Robots with full performance are finally here. An operator and a remote currently control these fully-functional robots. 

Not just as kids but even as adults, we all wanted to have a Bumble Bee or an Optimus Prime. A group of Turkish Engineers under the Research and development company Letrons have made these transforming robots. These transformers robots have precise arm movements, wrist action, Kinetic fingers, and neck and head movements

Letrons have been using BMW 3 Series cars in building their prototypeThe main control unit of the car is designed to transform like a robot. A dynamic control system with extra hydraulic supplements allows the perfect spine in the Robots. The transformer also includes a Dynamic LED eye with highly effective visuality

These epic Transformer Robots are changing the world. They are making our childhood dreams a reality. They might not fight the Decepticons. But they continue to amaze people with the most effective movements and transformations

The robots are designed for the most effective and precise movements. Wrist action is capable of 100-degree movementsThe neck and head make a movement of around 120 degreesReal-function steering allows 60-degree movements for both left and right. These mind-blowing transformer robots make the world far more interesting. 

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