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What If Elon Musk Became The Next President Of The USA?

What If Elon Musk Became The Next President Of The USA (1)

The United States presidential election has always been a central stage where several possibilities unfold. While familiar names such as Joe Biden and Donald Trump remain prominent, a speculative addition has caught everyone’s attention: Elon Musk. The visionary entrepreneur behind Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink. What if Elon Musk became the next President of the USA? Let’s Dive in to know all that could happen.

Tech and Innovation Riding Shotgun!

Musk’s passion for breaking barriers would mean that tech innovations won’t be mere conveniences but transformative experiences. Schools might echo with the hum of robotics and AI experiments. Our roads, or perhaps skies, might look a tad different, thanks to new vehicles and transport methods. And who knows? The internet might even get a “Starlink” upgrade!

Under Musk, America could experience an innovation renaissance. We might be able to expect a push for hyperloop transit systems and underground transportation. There could also be an accelerated transition to renewable energy infrastructures. Research and development can experience a surge too. Musk might allocate grants and incentives for research in AI, biotech, and space sciences.

Elon Musk's Hyperloop Fantasy Ignores the Laws of Science—And Politics -  The Bulwark
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To Mars and Beyond

With Musk’s well-known fascination for the Red Planet, space might just become the next frontier for ordinary citizens. Collaborations between NASA and private entities like SpaceX would be further fortified under his presidency. It won’t stop there. Even building the foundation for space mining and other off-planet economic activities would likely be on the agenda.

Musk’s presidency could speed up plans for establishing a human settlement on Mars. Making the U.S. a leader in interstellar colonization. While a family vacation to Mars might still be in the realm of daydreams, accelerated space missions and the dream of interstellar travel might just find a more pronounced space in national policies.

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Green Initiatives

Musk has advocated for a carbon tax, which, if implemented, could revolutionize industries and promote greener alternatives. Given his track record, Musk would likely champion the United States where trees outnumber factories and where cars don’t cough out smoke. Investments in green tech would skyrocket, nudging businesses to think green, act green, and, most importantly, be green.

Solar energy is highly likely to become more popular. Gas and diesel vehicles will eventually fade out paving the way for more electrical vehicles. After all, Tesla of Elon is pioneering in making Electric Vehicles.

Fossil Fuels to Solar Power

Musk has once said that burning fossil fuels is the ”dumbest experiment in history, by far.” Strict regulations on burning fossil fuels could be a hallmark of Musk’s term. If Musk’s previous endeavors are any indication, oil rigs might slowly become relics of the past, making way for vast solar farms bathing under the sun.

As president, Musk could shift the nation’s energy reliance from fossil fuels to solar, wind, and other renewables. Musk’s experience with Tesla’s solar products means he knows the potential of solar. We can expect widespread solar farm projects and incentives for homeowners to adopt solar technologies.

Economy & Trade

Musk’s approach to the economy might likely be driven by innovation. His policies might encourage startups, tax incentives for tech-driven companies, and push for further globalization. We might even see an increased emphasis on STEM education to fuel America’s future workforce.

With Musk at the helm, expect an economic landscape peppered with support for startups and moonshot projects. Remember Tesla and SolarCity? Renewable energy would likely become the pulse of the nation, giving both Mother Nature and trade a breath of fresh air.

Image source: Reuters

The downside of Musk As President

Yet, as with any fantasy, it’s wise to sprinkle it with a dash of reality. Musk, for all his genius, is a maverick. His grand visions, while awe-inspiring, could stretch the national budget, raising eyebrows and sparking debates. And let’s not forget, his candid tweets, entertaining as they are, might stir diplomatic pots more than once.

Swift transitions from traditional industries can also lead to unemployment and economic disparities in the short term. There’s a risk that trying to tackle too much too soon can spread resources thin and lead to inconclusive results in certain areas.

Musk’s vast business empire might pose potential conflicts of interest as well. Not to forget that his unconventional leadership style, though admired by many, may not be suited for the world of politics.


The idea of President Elon Musk, while intriguing, is a gentle reminder of the boundless possibilities the future holds. It paints a picture of a world where innovation isn’t just celebrated but lived. However, dreams, as inspiring as they are, work best when grounded in reality. As the 2024 elections approach, it’s essential to choose a leader who offers not just the vision but the wisdom to turn that vision into a lived reality for all.

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