What If the Closest Asteroid Hit Earth at the Speed of Light
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What If the Closest Asteroid Hits Earth at the Speed of Light?

Did you know that 5 Asteroids are approaching Earth this week? If not, get ready for the five rocky giants’ close call. One of them has the size of a house and the other 2 are the size of an airplane. One of these giants approaching Earth on September 8th is the 2023 QC5. Let’s explore what would happen if this asteroid hit the Earth at the speed of light!

It is an Amor asteroid, that orbits the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Earth. It was discovered on March 25, 2023. The asteroid is approximately 83 feet (25 meters) long. It will pass by Earth at a distance of about 2.53 million miles (4.05 million kilometers). This is considered a close approach. The asteroid is large enough to cause global devastation if it were to hit the Earth. Especially at the speed of light. This is a hypothetical scenario, but it is one that is worth considering, as it would have catastrophic consequences!

A Wipe-Out!

The speed of light is about 300,000 kilometers per second. This means that the asteroid traveling at the speed of light would have an impact energy of about 100 billion tons of TNT! This is equivalent to the energy released by 100 trillion times the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated!

Let’s imagine it this way. The Chicxulub asteroid is believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. That was about 10 kilometers in diameter. It had an impact energy of about 100 million tons of TNT. So, an asteroid the size of 2023 QC5 ‘traveling at the speed of light‘ would be about 10,000 times more powerful than the asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs!

Image source: Tenor

Vaporizing of Rock and Soil

The impact would create a massive crater, hundreds of kilometers wide. The impact would create a fireball that would be visible from space. The shock wave from the impact would travel around the world several times! The heat from the impact would vaporize the surrounding rock and soil. and the blast wave would level everything in its path.

The aftermath of an asteroid impact at the speed of light would be unimaginable. The initial impact would be like a nuclear explosion! It instantly vaporizes everything in its path. The blast wave would level entire cities.

Global Winter!

The dust and debris will be thrown into the atmosphere. It will block out the sun. The global temperature would drop by several degrees Celsius and will result in a global winter! But we first have to survive the near wipe-out to get through a long-lasting winter. This would have a devastating impact on the Earth’s climate, causing crop failures and widespread famine. The lack of sunlight would also disrupt the food chain. This will lead to the extinction of many species.

Destructive Tsunamis

The oceans will also feel the impact. The shock wave would cause destructive tsunamis! These tsunamis could be hundreds of feet high and could travel thousands of miles. They would devastate cities and communities in an instant. The strength of the waves is strong enough to disturb and erode sediments in all ocean basins.

Image source: Tenor

Ecosystems Collapse – Centuries For The Planet To Recover

The effects of such an impact would be devastating. Millions of people will die instantly! Whoever manages to survive will more likely die in the aftermath of starvation, disease, and the effects of climate change. The Earth’s ecosystem will face a severe collapse. The Earth would be a very different place. It is very likely that human civilization would not survive. It could take centuries for the planet to recover!

The effects of the impact would be felt for centuries if not millennia. Humanity will have to start over from scratch, and it is unclear whether we will be able to recover.

The good news is that the chances of Asteroid 2023 QC5 hitting the Earth at the speed of light are extremely remote. However, it reminds us of the dangers of asteroids and other celestial objects. We need to be vigilant in our efforts. to detect and track these objects so that we can take steps to protect ourselves from a potential impact.

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