Why Do All These Countries Want To Go To The Moon Right Now

Remember when Neil Armstrong took that famous “one small step for manon the moon back in 1969? Well, guess what? The world is excited about the moon again, and we’re all set for some new lunar adventures. But why is everyone suddenly so eager to go back?

It seems the moon is once again in vogue. With major players like the USA, China, India, and Russia all setting their sights on our celestial neighbor, one has to wonder – why is there such a rush to go back? Let’s dive in!

Space Race? More like a Space Treasure Hunt!

Back in the day, two big countries, the USA and the USSR (now Russia), were in a contest, sort of like a race, to see who could get to the moon first. The USA won that race in 1969. But after a few trips, everyone seemed to lose interest. Fast forward to now, and it’s suddenly a hot topic again.

Cathleen Lewis, a smart space expert, gives us a cool way to think about it. Instead of a race, it’s more like a treasure hunt. Why? In 2018, scientists found something amazing on the moon: ICE! No, we’re not planning a moon ice-skating party. This ice can be turned into rocket fuel, which can help us go even further into space! And if we ever want to live on the moon for a bit, we’d need water. So, finding ice is a big deal.

Image source: Live Science (Ice On the Moon)

Everyone Can Join The Party

In the past, going to the moon was a big challenge. Only a few countries had the big rockets and tech to do it. But now, many countries and even some companies can take a trip to the moon. It’s sort of like how once only a few people had big, fancy phones, but now almost everyone has one!

The game has changed. It’s no longer just about being the first to do something cool in space. Now, it’s about using space and the moon to help us here on Earth and plan for the future.

From Space Race to Ice Rush

Now, here’s a tricky part. If many people and countries go to the moon and start finding cool stuff (like that precious ice), who gets to keep it? It’s like finding a treasure chest in a playground; how do you decide who gets what?

There’s an old rule from 1967 that says no one can “own” a part of space or the moon. Surprising that there is a treaty for Outer space as well right? But it’s okay to use what you find. Still, it’s a bit confusing. What if someone wants to sell the stuff they find? We’re still figuring this out.

Wrapping Up

So, the moon is once again the cool place everyone wants to visit. This time, it’s not just about planting a flag and taking some moon rock samples. We’re looking at the bigger picture: our future in space. There are challenges and questions, but one thing is for sure – our space story is just getting started!

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