Apple’s latest update, iOS 17, has landed, and it’s packed with features that are creating a buzz. Whether it’s new ways to FaceTime or smarter messaging tools, iPhone users are in for a treat. Curious about what’s new and how to make the most of it? Let’s dive into the must-know changes and the key settings to tweak right away. Perfect for those looking to get the best out of their iPhones.

A Reddit user shared their feedback, stating, “iOS 17 is the smoothest iPhone update in a long time and makes my phone feel like an iPhone again”. This sentiment underscores the significant strides Apple has taken with this update.


Contact Posters: Make your calls personal. Decide how you look on friends’ screens when you ring them.

Customize what people see when you call.

Live Voicemail: Now, as someone leaves a message, you can see a live transcription and even decide to pick up mid-message.


With Stickers iMessage, users can access all stickers in one place—Live Stickers, Memoji, Animoji, emoji stickers, and even third-party sticker packs.

Introducing Live Stickers: Create your stickers by lifting subjects from photos or videos, then add effects like Shiny, Puffy, and more.

The Check In feature sends automatic notifications to designated contacts upon safe arrival at a destination. Audio message transcription provides a readable version of audio messages, ensuring you never miss a detail. Search improvements streamline the process of finding messages through a combination of filters.

Users can now swipe to reply to a specific message inline. And, for a clutter-free experience, one-time verification code cleanup will delete used verification codes.

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Unable to reach someone? Leave a video or audio message on FaceTime. FaceTime has now expanded to Apple TV, using your iPhone as the camera.

Reactions introduce 3D effects, enhancing the visual appeal during video calls. Video effects offer adjustable Studio Lighting and Portrait mode options.


When charging your iPhone, you can now experience a full-screen display of information including clocks, photos, and widgets. Night Mode adjusts the display’s tone in low light, ensuring an eye-comfortable view.


Interactive widgets on the Home Screen, Lock Screen, or in StandBy allow users to complete actions without opening apps. With iPhone widgets on Mac, you can seamlessly integrate your iPhone’s widgets onto your Mac desktop.


NameDrop and a new initiation method enhance the way you connect and share with nearby iPhones.

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Typing is now more intuitive, with improved autocorrect accuracy and easier autocorrect editing. Enhanced sentence corrections and inline predictive text further refine the keyboard experience.

Safari and Passwords

  • Profiles allow for a distinct separation between work and personal browsing.
  • Private Browsing has enhanced security features, ensuring data protection.
  • Share passwords securely with password and passkey sharing.

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Music, AirPlay, and AirPods

  • SharePlay simplifies controlling Apple Music in cars.
  • Crossfade ensures a seamless transition between songs.
  • Enhanced AirPlay features streamline the connection to compatible devices.
  • AirPods now offer Adaptive Audio, Personalized Volume, and more for an enriched audio experience.


Navigate offline with Offline Maps and receive EV routing based on real-time charger availability.


Activate Siri with just a “Siri” prompt and enjoy back-to-back requests without reactivation.

Visual Look Up

Explore information from photos or paused videos, making it a comprehensive tool for learning and sharing.


State of Mind reflection and mental health assessments support users in tracking their emotional well-being. Screen Distance feature uses the True Depth camera to mitigate digital eye strain.

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On the r/iphone subreddit, a hot topic is the best features of iOS 17. The crowd favorite? AirTag sharing. Many applaud its convenience in everyday use, making item sharing and tracking a breeze. Check out the discussion here to see what iPhone fans are saying.

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