New iOS 17 Health App Features Can Help You Take Control of Your Mental Health

New iOS 17 Health App Features Can Help You Take Control of Your Mental Health

When it comes to smart tools for our well-being, Apple is leading the way. Their latest iOS 17 update makes it even easier for us to stay on top of our mental and eye health. Here’s the scoop:

Mood Tracking |Mental Health in Your Pocket

Everyone’s talking about mental health these days, and for a good reason. Apple’s new Health app has a special section just for that. The “State of Mind” feature lets you keep track of how you’re feeling throughout the day. It’s kind of like a mood diary. You can choose from moods like ‘Very Unpleasant,’ ‘Neutral,’ and ‘Pleasant.’ Based on your choice, Apple gives you words, like ‘Joyful’ or ‘Calm’, to better describe how you feel.

But that’s not all. There are also simple quizzes in the app to check if you might be feeling anxious or depressed. They can give you a heads-up if it might be good to chat with a doctor.

Mental Health Questionnaires IOS 17 health app

Eye Health Features |Screen Distance Alert

Lots of us are glued to screens all day. Apple gets that. So, they’ve added some handy tools to help us protect our eyes. For kids (and adults too), there’s a “Screen Distance” tool. If you’re holding your phone or tablet too close, it’ll give you a little nudge to move it back.

Time in Daylight | The Great Outdoors and Its Benefits

Also, do you know that being outside is good for your eyes? The Health app, working with the Apple Watch, can now tell you how much sunshine time you’re getting. This isn’t just about getting a tan; spending time outside can help keep our eyes healthy.

Health App on iPad

The Health app isn’t just for iPhones anymore. If you have an iPad, you can now use the app on the bigger screen, making it easier to see all your health info.

Health App on iPad

Medication Reminders

Taking medicine and forget sometimes? The app’s got your back. It will remind you to take your pills and can even give you a second reminder if you miss the first one.


And for those who care about privacy (who doesn’t?), Apple ensures all your health details are safe and secure. You can also choose who to share your health data with, so you’re always in control.

With iOS 17, Apple gives us simple tools to stay mentally sharp and keep our eyes feeling fresh. It’s just another way technology is helping us live better, healthier lives.

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