How to Hire iOS Developers in 2023: A Complete Guide

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iOS users are generally more satisfied with their purchases and feel empowered when downloading the best business applications. According to research, iOS users are more willing to pay for premium features and unique services when compared to Android users. 95% of all smartphone users have a mobile app installed on their phones, and many iOS apps are available on the Apple app store for download. Apple’s USP lies in its excellent customer care, perfect hardware, and built-in software. iOS apps are less likely to glitch than Android apps and provide smooth user experiences.

iPhone app development benefits businesses by enhancing ROI, reducing development times, and delivering a combination of powerful speed, intuitive interfaces, and high performance. Many developers choose between React Native vs. Swift. Some use Swift for iOS app development, while others use React Native for cross-platform alternatives.

Know everything about how to hire iOS developers in 2023, in our guide for in-depth information:

iOS App Development Considerations

  • One of the most significant challenges any business faces is establishing its roots in as many locations as possible. Building an iOS app can greatly help a business work towards this goal. iOS app development services are a terrific way to reach out to wider demographics and make a solid impression across international markets.
  • A company needs to focus not only on creating flawless iOS apps but also on making sure they are secure and trusted. iOS has a strong industry reputation for safeguarding users from various external threats, so instances of malware infections and virus attacks are very rare. Even so, iOS apps can be used to conduct transactions online which is why data security and privacy and important.
  • iOS apps do not work on third-party devices and are limited to the Apple store. This helps reduce app maintenance costs and iOS apps can run only on devices with predefined hardware specifications. There is no need to invest in catering apps to different hardware specifications or other devices, which also helps cut down on project costs.
  • Before hiring iOS development companies, it is crucial to consider the cultural views of the organization. There shouldn’t be a lot of misunderstandings or quarrels in work environments. Language barriers and prejudice may occur when hiring iOS developers from different cultural backgrounds which can impact project deliveries. It is important to hire an iOS developer who aligns with the cultural values of the organization and shares a similar workflow mentality.

What Skills to Look for When Hiring iOS Developers

An iOS developer should be proficient in at least two programming languages. Ideally, they should be able to code iOS apps in Swift and Objective-C. They should have a firm grasp of the iOS platform’s policies, data governance procedures, and limitations. Consider hiring iOS developer after learning about his professional experience, expertise, and knowledge about different trends. For example, an iOS mobile developer who has completed eBanking projects and internet security banks can be best suited for Fintech app development.

eCommerce iOS developers will charge more than traditional iOS mobile developers and rates can vary according to the portfolios these developers offer. Know more on how to build iOS app for real estate agency.

In addition to the above, mobile iOS developers should have skills in the following:

  • Experience with the Xcode IDE
  • Strong knowledge of Apple Human interface guidelines
  • UI/UX awareness
  • Experience with Realm, Core Data, Metal, and OpenGL
  • Proficiency in advanced code versioning instruments
  • Experience with APIs and API integrations
  • ARKit 3 and Reality Kit skills

Types of iOS Developers

Junior iOS Developer

This is the entry-level iOS developer and a professional with the least work experience. Junior iOS developers acquire their skills fresh from university or by attending coding boot camps. While they are not capable enough to deliver complete projects, they can assist senior iOS developers with smaller tasks. A junior iOS developer will usually have less than 2 years of iOS app development experience before they are promoted to mid-level or senior. If you are in search of an iOS developer for a simple project and have a long deadline, you can hire junior iOS developers.

Mid-level iOS Developer

Mid-level iOS developers have at least 2 to 4 years of work experience and have worked on multiple projects. They also possess UI/UX design knowledge and are familiar with building apps in both Swift and Objective-C. You can expect mid-level iOS developers to have a firm grasp of offline caching logic, SQLite, and Core Data. These professionals are aware of concurrency and asynchronous programming practices in iOS as well. Mid-level iOS developers now possess expertise in push notifications and proficiently handle app signing and deployment to App Store Connect. Elevate your app development with their advanced skills.

Senior iOS Developer

Senior iOS developers have more than 5 years of professional experience working on iOS app projects. They can work with tight deadlines, possess strong leadership skills, and can handle highly complex tasks daily. Senior iOS developers are well-organized and drive key architectural decisions throughout the iOS app development lifecycle. They supervise and mentor junior and mid-level iOS developers and are responsible for producing technical documentation for further application development.

Senior iOS developers decide the direction a project is headed and set deadlines. Depending on project requirements, they may take part in conducting candidate job interviews, building development teams, and defining GitFlow.

How to Hire iOS Developers

Many hiring managers choose to hire remote iOS developers or build offshore teams due to cost-savings and flexibility. Know their roles, responsibilities, qualifications, educational experience, and work ethics before hiring them. Most junior iOS developers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and regularly collaborate with other teams on projects. Senior iOS software engineers don’t handle basic testing and are more concerned with providing feedback and overseeing junior developers.

Hiring managers should opt to hire iOS developers with differing levels of app development experience for the best results.

How Much Does an iOS Developer Charge?

An average iOS app developer can expect to make around USD 99,400 yearly. Location, experience, and education levels will determine how much an iOS app developer earns. Employers will have their hiring policies and budget, however, competitive compensation is needed to attract top talent. iOS developers in US charge roughly $51/hour and the average hourly rates lie somewhere in the range of USD 34 to USD 79 per hour.

A freelance iOS developer in Portland can bill from $75 to $125 per hour and Indian freelancing developers charge from $15 to $30.

Where to Hire iOS Developers

  1. Clarion Technologies

Clarion Technologies makes it easy to hire iOS app developers and provides customized offerings for iOS app development. Their professionals develop top-notch iOS applications and provide delightful user experiences. Each app goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure smooth functionality. iOS apps made by Clarion implement intuitive UI/UX upgrades and incorporate the latest features, thus ensuring optimal speed and responsiveness. Clarion enhances visibility on the app store by enabling strategic metadata optimization, feedback implementation, and continuous regulatory compliance. Clarion Technologies offers a two-week risk-free trial and features the top iOS app developers in India.

  • Toptal

Toptal is a professional platform that caters to freelance designers, finance experts, and iOS developers. It has a stringent system for vetting top talent and only 3% of applicants pass the joining process. iOS developers can be hired for both short-term and long-term projects and the platform offers a no-risk trial to get started.

  • Upwork

Upwork functions like job recruiting boards online and may not be everyone’s first choice. However, it is a freelance marketplace for hiring iOS developers. It is one of the largest portals for hiring registered freelancers and organizations can hire contractors by making them complete a series of simple iOS app development tasks. The community is proactive and most freelancers do well only when they receive positive reviews on their profiles. Every profile is vetted and only the top-performing freelancers appear at the top, with expert badges displayed to showcase their achievements.


iOS app development can get competitive and finding the right iOS developer for your next project is no easy task. However, if you want to hire iOS developers or have more queries on mobile app development, contact us at Clarion Technologies. We have the most in-demand technical experts on our team and our iOS developers specialize in different areas of native app development.

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