Hacker uses Flipper Zero to spam nearby iPhones with fake Bluetooth pop-ups:How to Avoid It

Stay informed about the Flipper Zero iPhone hack. Protect your device from fake pop-ups. Learn how to avoid it now

At the Def Con 2023 event in Las Vegas, a surprising tech trick caught attendees off guard. Many iPhone users got unexpected pop-ups asking them to connect to an Apple TV. What’s more, some of these users had their Bluetooth turned off but still got these messages.

So, how did this happen? A tech expert used a simple setup: a Raspberry Pi (a small computer), antennas, and a Bluetooth tool. This setup sent out special Bluetooth signals without needing to connect to the iPhones.

Flipper Zero: More Than Just a Prank

Tech whiz, Techryptic, showed off a similar trick using a gadget called Flipper Zero. This device can send out the same kind of signals. Techryptic warned that this isn’t just a harmless prank. Bad actors could use it to trick people with fake messages that look real.

Here’s something to note: turning off Bluetooth from the quick settings on your iPhone might not be enough. To really turn it off, you need to go into your phone’s main settings or use a special mode called Lockdown.

While the Flipper Zero needs to be close to work, there’s a catch. A report from TechCrunch talked about a stronger tool made by a researcher, Anthony. This tool can send signals from really far away, even miles!

Flipper Zero isn’t just a threat to iPhones. It can target car keys and other devices too. Users could find their devices flooded with annoying pop-ups, making them hard to use.

TechCrunch did their own test and managed to trick an iPhone 8 and iPhone 14 Pro using Flipper Zero. They made the phones think there was a nearby AirTag and even tried to send a phone number.

Anthony, however, is keeping some secrets. He didn’t share all the details about his powerful tool, worried about how it might be misused.

People are now looking to Apple for answers. They hope Apple will make sure Bluetooth connections are safe and maybe limit how far away devices can connect. So far, Apple hasn’t made any official comments.

In short, as our gadgets get smarter, so do the tricks to mess with them. It’s always good to stay updated and be careful.

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