Woman chews anti-theft cable at Apple store to steal iPhone 14 plus

Woman chews anti-theft cable at Apple store to steal iPhone 14 plus

As Apple enthusiasts in the U.S. and around the world await the release of the iPhone 15, an incident from an Apple store in southeastern China has caught the media’s attention. A woman, now identified as Qiu, made waves by using a rather unconventional method to steal the iPhone 14 Plus.

Store security cameras captured Qiu closely inspecting the iPhone 14 Plus on display. In a surprising twist, she was seen chewing through the store’s security cord. Even with the alarm sounding off, the store’s staff, seemingly distracted, missed the act in real-time.

The iPhone 14 Plus, priced at approximately $960, was quickly hidden in Qiu’s bag after she managed to free it. She then nonchalantly left the store. However, her escape was brief, as local authorities caught up with her just 30 minutes later.

During her interrogation, Qiu shared that she had initially planned to buy the iPhone. Yet, the steep price led her to change her plan to theft.

This peculiar theft has since become a hot topic on social media. American users, much like their Chinese counterparts, have been commenting on Qiu’s bold move, the questionable durability of the store’s security cord, and the oversight despite clear surveillance footage.