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The Strange Headphones That Provide a Deep Clean in 35 Seconds

The Strange Headphones That Provide a Deep Clean in 35 Seconds"

At a glance, the OtoSet ear-cleaning system might look like a well-designed pair of headphones. This amazing device was designed to perform earwax removal with its automated and wearable technology. However, the practicality of the OtoSet Ear Cleaning System raises questions due to its high price, which may hinder widespread adoption and accessibility. Let’s find more details on this invention.

Innovation and Technology

This cleaning system, developed by SafKan Health, uses a cutting-edge linking of irrigation and micro-suction technology. FDA has approved the device’s safe and efficient method of removing mild to severe earwax impacts.

Consequently, as the fluid stream enters the ear canals, it effectively fills and interacts with the wax, dissolving it in the process.

Simultaneously, the disposable earplugs facilitate the extraction of the dissolved wax, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning procedure.

Designed for the usage of Healthcare professionals

It is vital to know that this system is designed for use by healthcare professionals. The device’s automated and wearable design looks similar to a sleek pair of headphones.

This device makes sure that there’s no discomfort during the cleaning procedure. By combining this groundbreaking technology, SafKan Health targets to provide patients with a mess-free and effective earwax removal experience.

Source of Funding and partnership

Seattle-based medical startup SafKan Health recently secured a significant investment of $8 million from private equity firm Unorthodox Ventures

. Consequently, this will help facilitate the successful launch of the OtoSet Ear Cleaning System, thereby increasing its availability and accessibility to a wider audience. The partnership with Unorthodox Ventures provides precious manufacturing expertise and assistance to support SafKan Health’s journey.

Promising Future

SafKan Health is confirmed to make a huge impact in the field of earwax removal with a total funding of $13 million as of today. This System offers a valuable game-changer for healthcare professionals, combining safety, efficiency, and convenience in a single device. Due to the development in technology. Many patients can now enjoy a superior ear-cleaning experience, characterized by improved comfort and effectiveness.


This Cleaning System is an amazing and innovative solution to earwax removal. Many people believe that its a headphone. This innovation acts as a major development in the healthcare industry.

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