What one mistake ended your career?

Imagine working hard for years, dreaming of a successful career, and then making a single mistake that ruins everything. It may sound like a scary story, but it happens to real people just like you and me.

So recently Redditor ask in public, “What one mistake ended your career?”

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In this blog article, we’ll explore the stories of some individuals who had their careers turned upside down by one big blunder. These aren’t famous celebrities or superheroes, but regular folks who faced tough challenges.

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Not exactly a “career” but i worked in a fast food spot that didn’t have any air conditioning, and theres a workers law where i live that states once it gets to a certain temp in the building they legally can’t stay open. I brought a thermometer to work

I sent a scathing email about my boss directly to my boss. It wasn’t meant for him. To this day I still have no idea what possessed me to put his name in the address bar. I noticed his name the exact moment I hit send. You have never felt that much panic.

Called the HR lady the “angel of death” to a coworker on chat. (HR was in a different state, so any time they came to town we all knew it was most likely to lay off people ). Angel of death came to get me shortly after 

A guy I worked with was caught stealing 2 cigarettes from a colleagues bag. Was on a six-figure salary. Not any more!

Browsing for another job while at the job

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