What is remora

How did Remora stick to the sharks and whales

The remora is a small fish that usually measures between one and three feet long. Also known as sharksuckers or suckerfish. The fish can be black, brown, or grey, some with horizontal lines down their bodies. Remora is the fish that attaches itself to sharks and you’ve probably seen it before. Also, It attaches to fish and marine mammals all the time. The sharks protect them from predators and give them free transportation throughout the oceans.

Do not confuse Remora with pilot fish, pilot fish swim alongside sharks but do not attach themselves.

why do remora fish attach to sharks?

Fish attach themselves to the larger marine creatures including sharks, turtles, manta rays. it is also protected from predators and given free transportation through the oceans. Remoras can swim but they need water constantly moving over their gills to survive, something a large host provides them.

The fish does not harm the Sharks, it only holds on by creating a vacuum with its sucker plate which is a dorsal fin. They don’t stick around long, some can stay with their big daddy for 3 months. 

how does a remora stick to a shark?

Remora catch free rides by using a modified fin on their heads that acts as a suction pad to stick themselves to other fish that can be up to 20 times as long.

the fish has an organ that sits like a suction cup on the top of their heads.

This organ allows the remora to attach to a passing shark, usually on the shark’s belly or underside. Their suction pads are so powerful that remoras can stay attached to sharks. Sometimes they even attach to whales and manta rays.

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why don’t sharks eat Remora fish?

The remora fish has convinced sharks not to do this by showing the shark how beneficial they are. The shark and remora relationship benefits both species.

The fish feed off of parasites on the shark’s skin and in its mouth. This makes the shark happy because the parasites would otherwise irritate the shark. also, Remoras keep the waters clear of scraps around the shark.

So these reasons Shark’s behavior changes in the presence of remoras. But not all sharks are happy with this symbiotic relationship! Sandbar and lemon sharks have been documented acting aggressively and even consuming beneficial remoras.

what is the relationship between remora and a shark?

Relationships form all over the animal kingdom. The shark and remora relationship benefits both species. In the animal world, if the relationship benefits both species it is known as a symbiotic relationship

Also, The symbiosis relationship between them is a commensalism relationship. Commensalism is when two species live together but one benefits while the other is unharmed or helped.

This relationship has developed over the centuries. The shark and remora relationship is one of the ocean’s most steadfast, and will likely continue for the next million years!.

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