What did the person you were interested in do to make you lose interest completely

Have you ever found yourself deeply intrigued by someone, only for them to do something that instantly made you lose all interest? The question posed on the Ask Reddit subreddit shows real-life reasons to make you lose interest in someone completely. Let’s see some real-life thoughts. 

Realizing they are the backup plan

One Redditor shared a disappointing experience where a potential partner let them down. This person had considered them a backup option and admitted to wanting to explore other options. Realizing they were being treated as a backup plan led to losing interest.

Not respecting boundaries

Another user recounted an uncomfortable situation. The person they liked slapped them in public, revealing a lack of respect beyond certain boundaries. This incident shows the importance of boundaries and respect in any relationship. 

Managing Issues

Sometimes, as we get to know someone better, we realize their character that doesn’t match with our values. One Reddit user shared how they lost interest after hearing about their crush’s ongoing self-inflicted problems and poor decisions. 

Gambling problems

Gambling can be destructive, and it played a role in one Redditor’s loss of interest. The person they were interested in disclosed a gambling problem only after losing their home.

Being Annoying

Communication is needed in relationships. However excessive clinginess can be disturbing sometimes. A Redditor mentioned losing interest when the person they were talking to would constantly send question marks if they didn’t reply within minutes. 

Abandoned her cat

A heartrending story comes out when a person discovers his crush abandoned her pet cat at a shelter. The lack of empathy and disregard for the animal’s feelings signaled a mismatch in values. 


Trust is essential, and infidelity can irreparably damage it. A Reddit user shared how their partner cheated again, even after previously lying about a similar incident.

Do you have a similar situation? If so feel free to share your thoughts below.

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