What’s the most disturbing secret you’ve discovered about someone close to you?

Life is like a puzzle, and the people we love are the pieces that fit into our hearts. Sometimes, the puzzle of life can surprise us with secrets that give us a spooky feeling.

We all have secrets. Some are small and insignificant, while others are large and disturbing. Some of these secrets will shock you, while others will make you feel sad or angry. But all of them will make you think about the people you love in a new way.

So recently Redditor ask in public, “What’s the most disturbing secret you’ve discovered about someone close to you?”

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My great-grandmother was married to 3 different people at the same time. The men were from different branches of the military, she was collecting all three of their paychecks at a time.

One night as a kid I heard my parents having an explosive argument in their bedroom which suddenly went quiet (the door was closed and locked) I found out during a drunk phone call from my mother it was because she attempted to shoot my father in the face with a .303 but it didn’t go off when she pulled the trigger as there were no bullets. They were both horrified and just stared at each other apparently.They’re still together

Discovered that my sister stole my father’s $25k Rolex not more than 24 hours after he died. I only discovered it when her and her husband made a frivolous purchase and I wondered where they got they money since they were always broke and begging my parents for money. I got suspicious, it hit me that she might have stolen and sold the Rolex. Had the paperwork, ran a track on the sales history and discovered it had been sold to a pawn shop down the street from where my sister lives. Went to the pawn shop and after a bit of persuasion got them to tell me who sold it to them and it was my sister. Me and my mom disowned her.

Just found out the other day that it wasn’t my neighbor’s dad who senselessly shot and killed my dog. It was his son. Who I was close friends with. He did it on purpose purpose. He knew how much that dog meant to me too.

I also found out the other day where he lives. He’s a meth head now so I’ll just let nature or the police do their thing.

My former wife (now ex) and I were having problems. I was certain she was cheating on me. I found her notes where she was figuring out and had added up how much I was worth dead.

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