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Sweden's Solar System: Exploring Space on Foot"

The Sweden Solar System is a remarkable achievement. This is recognized as the world’s largest permanent scale model of our Solar System. The Avicii Arena in Stockholm, the largest hemispherical building on Earth, represents the sun in the Sweden Solar System model.

The inner planets are located in Stockholm, and the outer planets reach northward along the Baltic Sea, attracting onlookers in various cities. This model was created by Nils Brenning and Gösta Gahm, professors from esteemed institutions in Stockholm. 

This model embraces the immense scope of our Solar System. It offers a glance into the wonders of space on a 1:20 million scale. The Sweden Solar System is a unique model that consists of various celestial bodies. This includes the Sun, planets, moons, dwarf planets, comets, asteroids, and more.


Sweden Solar System is the world’s biggest scale model! See the first planets in the clip #sweden #science #art

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Inner Planets

The craftsmen place Mercury, represented by a 25 cm diameter sphere, at Stockholm City Museum. They previously situated Venus, with a diameter of 62 cm, at KTH but now they move it to Vetenskapens Hus.

Earth, measuring 65 cm in diameter, is located at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, accompanied by satellite images. Mars, depicted by a 35 cm diameter model made of copper, is located at Mörby Centrum.

These precisely placed models provide an opportunity to get a glancing glimpse into our neighboring planets. And serves as a captivating addition to the Sweden Solar System.

Jupiter is located inside the clarion hotel. Saturn is located in the old observatory of Anders Celsius. Uranus was reconstructed behind Stora magasinet in Lövstabruk in 2012. Neptune is placed by the river Söderhamnsån in Söderhamn.

Trans-Neptunian objects

Pluto and its moon Charon are located in the beautiful Dellen lakes in Delsbo. While Haumea and its moons are located at the 2047 Science Centre in Borlänge. Quaoar in the library of Gislaved. They position Ixion at Technichus in Härnösand, and locate Makemake at the Slottsskogsobservatoriet in Gothenburg. ‘Oumuamua is placed in Plönninge village in Halland.

Gonggong is located closer to the Tycho Brahe Observatory in Oxie, and Eris at Umestans Företagspark in Umeå. Sedna, another dwarf planet candidate, completes the collection at Teknikens Hus in Luleå.

All the models are located crafted and placed in a way for visitors to get an amazing glimpse into the vastness of our cosmic neighborhood.

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