7 Documents to Have When Meeting Lawyers for Truck Accidents

collision of the truck and car on a busy road

A typical car accident comes with a lot of losses, but a truck accident is often worse. Due to the size of semis, it’s not common for smaller vehicles or their passengers to come out unscathed.

If you’re involved in a truck accident, don’t hesitate to seek out a lawyer.

Qualified lawyers for truck accidents will ensure you get the compensation you need. To do so, they’ll need your help, though. You must provide them with the information they need to prove and strengthen your case.

So, what documents should you bring with you on your initial consultation? Read on to find out.

1. The Police Report

After a truck accident, you should’ve called the police. If you didn’t phone the authorities, then a witness likely did. When the cops arrived, they should’ve filed an official police report.

You can request a copy of this official report by contacting the police department.

2. Your Doctor’s Diagnosis

If you’re seeking out a claim, then you likely have injuries. Be sure to provide a copy of your doctor’s diagnosis to your lawyer. You’ll want to show medical records to prove the extent of your injuries.

3. Your Medical Bills

Speaking of your injuries, you’ll also need to provide your medical bills to your attorney. On top of the original doctor visit, include prescription receipts and follow-up appointments. All medical expenses should get included and documented.

4. A Statement From Your Employer

Next, get a statement from your employer.

Have your employer state your average pay and mention how much work you’ve missed. This documentation will help you secure compensation for lost wages.

5. Witness Information and Statements

Did you get any witness information or statements at the scene of the accident? Did you take photos and videos? If so, bring those with you to your lawyer’s office.

Are you interested in learning more about what to expect? Head over to

6. Repair Estimates for Your Vehicle

Was your car totaled? Will you need extensive repairs?

Make sure to bring along any repair estimates for your vehicle.

7. Bills or a Diagnosis From Your Therapist

Are you suffering emotional distress after the incident? Get a copy of your bills and diagnosis from your therapist.

A whopping 95% of personal injury cases don’t ever go to court. Instead, the other party reviews the evidence, ponders the facts, and agrees to settle. If you build a strong case with these documents, then your claim will be among the majority.

You likely won’t have to go to court.

Hiring the Right Lawyers for Truck Accidents

When it comes to lawyers for truck accidents, there are plenty to choose from. Hiring the right one, though, is crucial. With the right lawyer and the seven documents above, you’ll have what it takes to get the money you deserve.

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When preparing for meetings with lawyers, it’s essential to gather all pertinent documents. To understand the crucial aspects of these cases, visit this resource on truck accident lawsuits for insights on the documents you need and the legal steps involved.

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