What’s a total waste of money yet people still pay for?

What’s a total waste of money yet people still pay for?

The world is full of things that make you question the choices people make with their hard-earned money. Since we live In a world where every dollar counts, it’s essential to identify where spending becomes senseless. So, let’s see what the Redditors say about “What’s a total waste of money yet people still pay for?” in AskReddit.

The bag of spinach in my refrigerator that was purchased to replace the previous (and now spoiled) bag of spinach

When you open your fridge, you often find a bag of spinach that you bought to replace the previous one that went bad. Some Reddit users discuss the frustration of buying fresh produce that ends up wasted.

The money people send to celebrity preachers.

Some people donate a lot of money to celebrity preachers, hoping for divine blessings. A Reddit user questions whether these donations truly have a higher purpose or if they’re just a leap of faith.

Internet service providers that still don’t offer unlimited data plans.

In today’s digital age, it’s puzzling that some internet service providers still limit data usage. A Reddit user points out the frustration of paying for limited data and questions the fairness of such practices.

Reddit awards

Some people spend real money on virtual awards within Reddit. A Reddit user questions whether these awards are worth the cost or just digital decorations.


Scientology is a controversial subject, and followers are known to spend a lot on Scientology courses and materials. A Reddit user sparks a discussion on the validity of these expenses.

Annually replacing a smartphone

The tech world advances rapidly, but is it necessary to get a new smartphone every year? A Reddit user debates whether the latest models offer enough improvements to justify the expense.

Food delivery from third-party apps. Not only is takeout already expensive, you are paying a 10–20% up charge on the menu, then there are the fees and tips.

Ordering takeout through third-party apps is convenient but costly due to markups, fees, and tips. A Reddit user explores the economics of food delivery, highlighting its financial downsides.

Flags proclaiming how much you like or hate a certain political candidate.

Some people spend money on political candidate flags to express their opinions. A Reddit user questions whether these flags serve any meaningful purpose beyond signaling one’s beliefs.

It’s a reminder that even in today’s accessible world, people’s financial choices can still be surprising. What do you think is a total waste of money people still pay for? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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