If God gives you a chance to pick a new method of childbirth, What do you pick?

If God gives you a chance to pick a new method of childbirth, What do you pick?

Imagine a world where the process of making babies is in new and unusual forms. In the Ask Reddit community recently someone asked “God decided he’s bored with the way babies are born, and you get to pick a new method. What do you pick?” The answers for the thread are hilarious and awesome. Let’s take a look at those imaginative answers.

Bring back stork deliveries

One Reddit user playfully suggested a return to the idea of storks delivering babies. Picture graceful storks delivering bundles of joy to eagerly waiting families. It’s injecting nostalgia into the birthing process.

Lot of paperwork and a waiting period.

Using more official way, another user proposed a method involving paperwork and a waiting period. In this playful scenario, parents would fill out forms, and submit documents. Then await the arrival of their newborn, adding a comedic twist to the concept.

T-shirt cannon at sporting events.

Drawing inspiration from the spectacle of sporting events, another Redditor suggests using a T-shirt cannon to launch babies into the world during halftime shows. This idea adds an element of surprise and excitement to the experience of childbirth.

The Sims way: spin in a circle and baby appears in your arms

Fans of simulation games like The Sims would appreciate a lighthearted idea. spinning in a circle to magically conjure a baby into one’s arms. This playful concept creates a sense of joy and humour in the birthing process.

Fully grown from their father’s head.

One Redditor’s response from mythology, humorously proposes that babies could burst fully grown from their father’s head like Athena’s birth. 

Just leave your eggs on the nightstand and get outta there.

Another user suggested a scenario where parents casually leave their eggs on the nightstand and depart.

From the parachute

Babies could parachute onto doorsteps while the song “Danger Zone” was in the background. This cool suggestion combines excitement and humor to create an unforgettable birth experience.

Like seahorses

Another Redditor suggests the fascinating method of seahorses giving birth, where babies shoot out of the father’s belly. This suggestion adds a touch of biological realism to the imaginative conversation.

As a kit from mail order

The idea behind this concept is to add some humor to the process by comparing it to assembling a DIY project but with babies instead of furniture or other objects.

Something not painful

Lastly, a Redditor showed a simple desire for a pain-free childbirth. This straightforward response shows the universal wish for a comfortable and positive birthing experience.

If you had a chance, What do you pick? Comment below with your thoughts.

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