Here are 10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Famous Movies. You never noticed this fact even you have watched these movies.


In Hercules, hades say, “ Guys, relax… it’s only halftime” 

Actually at exactly the 46-minutes mark the halfway point of the 92-minute film.

Baby driver

Did you know that in BABY DRIVER, the baby orders a coffee, there is a black heart painted on the wall in the background? Then the movement he sees Debora walk around the corner the heart changes color to red.

Once upon a time in Hollywood

In Once upon a time in Hollywood when Rick Dalton says, “ALL right, That’s too hot. Anything we can do about that heat?”

That’s actually Leo’s genuine reaction to the flamethrower. Quentin Tarantino Thought it was funny and put it in the film once upon a time in Hollywood.

Saving Private Ryan

In saving private Ryan, private Jackson has a bruise on his thumb a common world war 11 injury where soldiers get their thumb caught in the loading mechanism of the M1 Garand

Harry Potter and the half-blood prince

The daily prophet reported that Amelia Bones was found murdered at her home. She was the witch that defended Harry in the order of the Phoenix- and so Formidable that Voldemort himself presumably killed her.

The Truman show

The couple at the table is Robert and Daryl Davis, the founders of seaside the town where the movie was shot. they Agreed to give permission to film in exchange for a cameo

The godfather

Mario Puzo adapted his novel into the screenplay, despite never having written one before. After two Oscar wins, he decided to buy a book to learn about Screenwriting. the first chapter said, “ study the Godfather.” 

American psycho

Rolex is never mentioned in the film, despite being in the novel 26 times. the brand Didn’t want to be associated with a maniac and even insisted that the book’s iconic line “ Don’t touch the Rolex” be changed to “Don’t touch the watch

fight club

When Edward Norton’s character receives a call from Tyler Durden, a sign on the payphone states that it’s not possible to receive an incoming call.

spiderman 2

Before Peter Parker jumps off a building, he says he needs a “ strong focus on what I want.”

He then lands on a strong Ford Focus that goes undamaged.

The film industry is curious and fascinating. We have entertained the main storyline of the film and we never notice these things.

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